Katie Hopkins: My Fat Story – the Twitter reaction

Much-discussed documentary saw former Apprentice candidate set out to gain and then lose 3 stone to show obesity as a choice


Last night Katie Hopkins’s documentary ‘My Fat Story’ launched on TLC, following the controversial TV personality as she set out to gain – and then subsequently lose – three stone in order to show obesity as a choice.


Katie wants “to prove that by eating less and moving more anyone can be thin,” the TLC website explains.

“Katie has always said she hates fat people and wouldn’t employ them so she is setting out to prove that curing obesity is as simple as not ‘stuffing our face’,” it adds. 

From huge burgers to endless pots of crisps, Katie found the process of putting on weight gruelling. As the show went on, Katie did admit that she could say things a bit more kindly after understanding for herself how hard it can be to be overweight. Although she remained characteristically frank with some of her comments, including saying “I hate fat people for making me do this…”

The documentary concludes tonight, but here’s a few of the reactions online from this first instalment:

For some there was merit in the show

Others mocked

Katie joined in

Its hashtag was trending

There was a lot of food

Then Katie appeared to kick a seagull, which didn’t go down too well

TLC made sure to clear up any concerns

The impressions came out

Some remained undecided

Others not so much


Part 2 continues tonight at 9:00pm on TLC