EastEnders spoilers: is Ian the killer of Lucy Beale?

Star Danny Dyer becomes the latest to put their money on Ian being the murderer


Danny Dyer has become the latest EastEnders star to suspect Ian (Adam Woodyatt) of murdering Lucy Beale. The mystery has been running on the BBC1 soap since Easter, but Dyer – who plays Queen Vic landlord Mick Carter – thinks that he may just have cracked the case:


“Unfortunately, I think it’s Ian. That’s my guess. It would be an accident, completely, but it has to be massive as the story’s been stretched out for so long.”

However, Dyer, in an interview with the Sun, admits that no one on the cast actually knows for sure who the culprit is. “We’re just like everyone else, though, guessing. I’m sitting here giving it the big ‘un and it could be me!”

But Dyer isn’t the first to suspect Walford stalwart Ian of being the guilty party. Last month, Ben Hardy – who plays Ian’s son Peter – put his money on his screen dad being the killer:

“My own personal theory is that it’s Ian Beale. I’m 100 per cent sure of that,” Hardy said. “But I’m almost afraid to say it in case I get it right and the writers change it. I think it was either manslaughter or an accident. And our executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins has said that the killer doesn’t necessarily have to get caught and go to prison, which is normally a soap law.”

We now know that former family liaison officer Emma Summerhayes (Anna Acton) will make a bid to confront the murderer in scenes to be shown over Christmas. But her words “It’s Emma, we need to talk” at the start of a mobile conversation do suggest that it’s someone she knows well.

And yet Ian does appear to have been with prostitute Rainie Cross on the night Lucy was killed. All very mysterious. So what does the man who plays Ian, actor Adam Woodyatt, make of the accusations from his cast mates?

“It’s possible,” he said to Radio Times on the topic of Ian’s guilt. “All the cast are trying to work it out. But if it was Ian, I’d be having a long chat with Dominic Treadwell-Collins to find out why. I wouldn’t buy that one.”


Watch the EastEnders Christmas trailer below. And beneath that, there’s a 60-second rundown of both Christmas and New Year on the BBC1 soap: