The Missing: did we get the ending we deserved?

SPOILER ALERT: The eight-year search for missing Oliver Hughes is over, but were you satisfied with the series finale? Vote now

The hunt for Oliver Hughes is over.


Gripping BBC1 drama The Missing ended on Wednesday night in horrific circumstances, with hotel owner Alain Deloix confessing that he was responsible for Tony and Emily’s son’s disappearance in 2006 in Chalons du Bois.

Alain revealed how he believed he had killed Olly by driving into him while drunk. Rather than revealing what he had done, he tried to conceal his guilt.

But detective Julien Baptiste saw something else. “You had help,” he said.

Indeed he had. Mayor Georges helped cover up his brother’s guilt, taking Olly’s lifeless body to the empty house.

But Olly was not dead. When a Romanian gangster came to dispose of the body, he found Olly scrabbling at the window. That’s what we saw in the grainy video footage from across the street.

The Romanian told mayor Georges he had dealt with it, and showed him something in the back of a van. We could not see, but assumed it to be Olly’s body.

But if that was so, how did the ‘Daddy Big Ears’ drawing in Russia fit? There was, of course, one more painful twist in the tale.

The final scene showed a hollow, mentally collapsed Tony meeting a young teenager in Russia, believing him to be his son. Was it Olly? Perhaps we’ll never know.

Were you happy with the final outcome? Did the final episode leave you satisfied, or did the resolution seem a bit too outlandish?

Radio Times’s TV editor Alison Graham called it “a brilliantly constructed last chapter”, but do you agree? Vote in our poll, and have your say in the comments below.

Over eight tortuous episodes we have tracked the potential suspects and wondered whether anyone would face justice, and Tuesday night’s finale gave viewers some, albeit tainted, closure.

Episode seven’s recovery of a coin from the original crime scene set up the climax to the series finale, and smart deduction work from some viewers pretty much predicted the final reveal.

Vincent Bourg could not live with his “sickness” any more, while Georges shot himself in the woods rather than face justice.

Writers Jack and Harry Williams already said they were in talks over a second series, claiming, “It’s definitely something we are keen to do.” After the credits rolled, confirmation came that there would indeed be a series two.


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