Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

24-28 November: Kyle is reeling from seeing his father with Sheila. Amber briefly witnesses Rainʼs darker side

Monday 24 November


Kyle and Georgia confront Sheila about meeting Kyleʼs father, Gary. She explains that she was trying to protect him from the cold, hard facts – Gary has chosen not to be in his life. Georgia faces off with her father-in-law in a bid to change his mind. Rain supports Amber when she is feeling under stress and fearing that they may have judged her too quickly, both Daniel and Amber agree to help Rain set up the community of New Eden. Paige states her feelings for Brennan once more. 

Tuesday 25 November

Preoccupied with the problems in her marriage, Terese finds it hard to act normally. When an awkward family game of basketball is followed by Brad returning late again for dinner, she comes to the decision to move out for a while. When Amber suggests that Daniel concentrate on work instead of his exʼs project, Rainʼs angry reaction betrays her calm exterior. Kyle meets up with his father, but Gary quickly bails out. 

Wednesday 26 November

As Terese checks into a hotel, Brad is finally forced to admit his infidelity to Doug, who suggests that he reassess his feelings for Lauren. Imogen, meanwhile, blames Paige for the separation. Paul encourages Terese to confide in him about her problems. Is he about to capitalise on a marriage in crisis? Chris and Nate share a rare light moment when they steal Karlʼs new pig sculpture, Elvis. 

Thursday 27 November

Susan suspects that Paul has an ulterior motive when she hears that he is advising Terese to stay away from Brad. Doug goes missing on Paigeʼs watch. Sonya, feeling tense, takes her daughter out to play and Nell has a nasty fall. When a letter arrives informing her that she has been reported for child abuse, Sonya realises that her stalkerʼs intentions are more sinister than anyone had thought. 

Friday 28 November


Ramsay Street comes together to support Sonya as Toadie struggles to console her. Sheila has difficulty believing the story that Gary spins for Kyle about the reasons he left the family, and asks Brennan to look into his background. Elvis is pig-napped again.