EastEnders spoilers: Sharon and Phil’s wedding hit by tragedy, reveals Letitia Dean

"There will be chaos and a lot of tears," says Walford's bride-to-be


Sharon and Phil are set to get married next week, but all the backstabbing, cheating and double dealing results in the big event being filled with high drama. Here, Letitia Dean revealswhat happens as Sharon prepares to walk down the aisle and why the day ends with one character left fighting for their life after being shot…


So, were you happy that Sharon declared that ‘Sharon Watts’ is back just recently?
That was quite a good move on the writer’s part, wasn’t it? Sharon has risen from the ashes again and she has got her strength and her steel back.

Do you think Sharon has any idea that Phil has rumbled her?
No, I don’t. She thinks that she’s outsmarted him this time. That was her mission – to get him for what he did to her. So she has no idea. But Phil has played it so cool. That’s the great thing about Phil – he doesn’t put his cards on the table and he’s hard to read. So she’s slightly anxious that he would find out, Sharon thinks she’s smarter than that.

How is she feeling on the morning of the wedding?
She loves a wedding, Sharon, doesn’t she? Loves a wedding! She’s looking forward to it and having the security of a father figure for Denny. She and Phil have been together over the years, off and on, and he’s one of her true loves. So she wants that with him – she feels that the time is right.

Do you think Sharon and Phil are quite good together as a team?
There is a deep-rooted love. Sharon and Phil are just right for each other – no matter who comes and goes in between, they are the right ones for each other. Well, that’s what Sharon believes anyway.

What do you think of her wedding dress this time around?
I thought this dress was right for this wedding. Even though Sharon has walked down the aisle a few times, and been married twice, this was a bit more bridal and more age appropriate. She believes this is the last time!

Why does she leave Phil waiting at the registry office?
She doesn’t turn up on time because Ian comes back from America and he wants to talk to her about a few things and that delays her a little bit. Ian comes along and has things to talk to her about and tries to change her mind about the wedding.

As much as he accepts Phi’s help, Ian doesn’t believe Phil is the man for Sharon. He believes there is too much water under the bridge and that the relationship is a bit toxic. Ian is so protective of Sharon, as they are life-long friends. But Sharon believes that Phil has turned a corner with Ian, certainly after seeing how he behaved over Lucy, and it completely surprised her. It was genuine from Phil – he had no hidden agenda.

What did you think of those Phil and Ian scenes?
Weren’t they beautiful scenes? They were so touching and it’s great for the audience to see that side of Phil, that softness and that genuine care. Everybody has got different facets – it’s just that some people don’t display them as much as others do. Sharon knows Phil inside out and he knows that, so he can’t pull the wool over her eyes.

Does she realise Shirley is trying to stop the wedding?
No. Shirley has been really toxic to Sharon and Sharon is toxic to her as well. But on the day, I don’t think Sharon is aware of anything to do with Shirley, actually. She is completely oblivious. As far as Sharon is concerned, she’s won her man and that is it. Shirley will be trying to change Phil’s mind but whether she does or not, who knows?

We can’t reveal the outcome of the wedding, so can you give us a teaser of what to expect from those scenes?
As expected, there is going to be a bit of drama. Nothing will go smoothly – there is always a little moment. Sharon’s weddings are always eventful.

Is it fair to say that it all kicks off in The Vic afterwards?
It is. There are a few harsh words at the Vic. Aunt Sal makes a visit and she thinks Sharon is a slut! So there are a few barbed words. I think Sharon is very relieved, deep down, that Peggy doesn’t turn up. I don’t think she could think of anything worse.

How does Sharon feel about being gossiped about in the pub?
It’s water off a duck’s back with Sharon. What I can tell you is that, all day, Sharon is absolutely determined to go through with this wedding. Especially after all that she and Phil have been through over the years. They still have so much passion for each other, as well. So, whatever is said, that is her goal. But whether she gets that or not, you’ll have to wait and see.

Could Sharon and Phil be happy after all of this?
I would love to think so! They have been through so much – I don’t think there are too many things that could bring them down. Together, they are such a force to be reckoned with.

The gun is going to come into play on the big day Tell us about how Sharon reacts when Shirley turns up brandishing it?
She’s shocked. She had that gun after she got attacked in order to protect herself, but she never intended it to  be used! It was for intruders. There are a few twists and turns about how Sharon explains having the gun to Phil.

Is Sharon tempted to walk away from Phil and let Shirley have him?
No, that’s when Sharon turns into a lioness! She would do anything to protect him. She and Shirley always challenge each other and there is always a stand off. Neither of them ever want to back down and that’s a feature of their relationship.

The gun will go off. Are we looking at tragedy?
There will be chaos, tragedy and a lot of tears.

Could Sharon forgive herself if someone dies?
There would be great guilt on her part if someone dies because of it being her gun. Especially if was was Phil – it’d be more than if it was Shirley. But even though she can’t stand Shirley, she wouldn’t want her dead!

What’s it like filming with Linda Henry, who plays Shirley?
I absolutely love Linda. It’s so lovely to get stuck into those barbed comments and to bring out your inner bitch, which I am sure is lurking inside me!


And what about Steve McFadden?
I love Steve. He’s a fantastically disciplined actor. He knows his onions and he’s terribly good at what he does. Steve always finds the truth in a script and is always on the money.