Hollyoaks spoilers: episode details for the week ahead

4-8 August: Set puts himself in serious danger when he turns to drink and drugs, while a menacing face from Trevor’s past turns up and threatens his chances of a normal family life

Monday 4 August


As the Lomaxes reveal their intentions to leave the village forever, can Leela persuade her family to change their minds? Cameron is desperate not to lose his daughter without her knowing the truth, but will he succeed? Tony’s world comes crashing down around him as Sinead reveals a life-changing dilemma. Meanwhile, Lindsey attempts to re-kindle her relationship with Freddie…

Tuesday 5 August

Lindsey continues to fool Freddie, but is he wise to her ulterior motive? Cindy and Dirk are elated to welcome home baby Hilton, while Sinead is less than impressed with her date… 

Wednesday 6 August

Cameron is on hand to comfort Leela, but will Ziggy stand by and let him steal his girl? Elsewhere,  Ste turns to a cocktail of drink and drugs for comfort. When he puts himself in serious danger, will Leela and John Paul reach him in time?

Thursday 7 August 

Cindy is on the warpath, and Dirk feels the full brunt of her anger. Crossed wires lead to a stunned Sinead having to break terrible news to Tony – has their illicit affair be outed? John Paul worries whether Ste will be OK – is their relationship over before it’s begun? Meanwhile, Trevor makes a heartfelt confession. 

Friday 8 August


Cindy comes up with a new plan to run away with Rhys but will she turn to crime to get her happy ending? Holly’s concerns grow for her mum’s behaviour; is it time to come clean and reveal the truth to Dirk? Trevor is stunned to receive a threat from a shock visitor… Elsewhere, is Leela falling for Cameron?