Coronation Street spoilers: David and Kylie threaten Michael – watch the scene

The Platts tell Les Dennis's character to keep away from Gail during scenes to be shown on Monday

Kylie (Paula Lane) and David (Jack P Shepherd) are to begin a vendetta against Michael (Les Dennis) when they turn up at his place of work.


After discovering that Michael – the man who recently tried to steal from their house – is working at a local garden centre, Kylie and David tell him that there will be consequences if he doesn’t stay away from Gail.

“Michael gets the job himself and he tells them all about his past. The guy who runs the centre decides to give him a chance. It’s all going really well because Michael loves gardening – he’s very green-fingered, which we’ll also see down the line,” explains Les Dennis. “He’s loving the job but then one day Kylie, Max and David turn up and it all turns sour. They’ve got it in for him, big time.”


But the Platts soon have even greater concerns when they realise that Max has gone missing. Watch the scene below and see the episode in full on Monday 30 June.