George RR Martin’s Game of Thrones ending is “100% satisfying”

We might not know how the author plans to end his fantasy tale, but showrunners Dan Weiss and David Benioff do...

With so many characters, dramatic storylines and pick-your-jaw-off-the-floor cliffhangers, we can’t quite imagine Game of Thrones ever coming to an end. But come to an end it will. 


And when it does, showrunners Dan Weiss and David Benioff are sure we’ll be satisfied with the story’s conclusion. 

“Absolutely, yes,” said Benioff.

“100%” added Weiss. 

You see Weiss and Benioff have spoken to George RR Martin, author of the epic series of novels that form the basis of the hit HBO TV series, and although only five of his intended seven novels have so far been written, Martin does at least know exactly where the story is headed.

He might want to hurry up, though – with series five on the way, Benioff and Weiss must be running out of book to adapt… 

“I feel we have so many conversations about later seasons. And this year we’ve started talking about the very end,” Benioff told Entertainment Weekly. “One of the lessons of Breaking Bad, which had a phenomenal final season, phenomenal entire series – you really get the sense [creator Vince Gilligan] went into it with a story in mind and achieved that. We want this to work.” 


“We have talked to George extensively about where he’s going with the books, and will continue to do so. His books are the blueprint for the world we’re building. Ultimately the show needs to work on its own terms, and keep on moving. Our job is to square that necessity with George’s work to the best of our ability.”