7 ways to console yourself now Game of Thrones is over

Season four might have come to an end, but because of dragon figurines and gifs, it's all okay...


It’s over. The fourth series of Game of Thrones completely and utterly finished. 


And it’s fair to say we are all exhausted. Emotionally, physically, psychologically, televisually beaten down by the last eight weeks we’ve spent on the cruel and blood-thirsty shores of Westeros. 

But now it’s over it’s time to take a step back. Don’t panic, you won’t get any finale spoilers here, you’ll just get a few things to help you get through the barren wasteland that is the next nine Thrones-free months…

1. Get a dragon

The one thing every grieving Thrones fan is in desperate need of is their very own dragon. Naturally. Heck, why not go and get all three? If Drogon, Viserion and Rhaegal are good enough for the Mother of Dragons they are good enough for us… 

£40. Buy here

2. Or a dragon egg necklace 

If three dragon statues are a little out there for you – it’s not an interior design style that suits everyone, you know – treat yourself to a petrified dragon egg on a pendant instead. They are just like the ones Daenerys was given on her wedding day to Khal Drogo. Just a lot smaller. And we don’t recommend you wearing it while you are naked and walking into a flaming bonfire… 

£45. Buy here

3. Watch series 1-3 all over again

Start from the very beginning, back when we were shocked by Jaime and Cersei’s incestuous love and all the Stark family were happily residing in Winterfell. Oh how things have changed…

Game of Thrones series 1-3 is available on DVD as well as on Blinkbox and iTunes.

4. Start dressing like you’re from Westeros

Bide your time while those clever chaps over at HBO make series five by subtly honouring Game of Thrones with your daily sartorial choices. It can be your own little secret… 

5. Become the Hand of the King

Rule over Westeros – figuratively, of course – for the next nine months with your very own Hand of the King pin. Best thing about it? It doesn’t come with any of the risks (i.e. a very short life expectancy) associated with the actual position… 

£12. Buy here.

6. Watch this tiny gif 


(via muffinthepyro)

Again. And again. And again. A lot of stuff might have happened since the demise of horrid little Joffrey back in episode two, but remember how happy you were when it happened?

Still feels good, doesn’t it?

7. Watch it all over again


Season four is already available to watch again on demand. Right now. What are you waiting for?