Coronation Street: Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright on Tina’s exit – exclusive video interview catches up with the exiting Corrie star and her fiance on the red carpet at the British Soap Awards


Mark Wright has been speaking to about his experiences watching fiancee Michelle Keegan film her final scenes on Coronation Street.


The presenter and former TOWIE star joined Keegan on the set of the ITV soap as Keegan shot a pivotal stunt in which her character Tina McIntyre plunges from the balcony of the builder’s yard.

“It was honestly overwhelming,” Wright said on the red carpet at the British Soap Awards. “Watching her, I was in awe. The things she took on to make sure the scene was perfect! It was just insane. It looked incredible to watch in real life and, when it airs, it’s going to be very dramatic.”

Keegan, who is leaving Corrie after six-and-a-half years playing Tina, added: “It was really good Mark being on set. Normally, he’s never there when we’re filming but it really spurred me on. It was all done late at night and it was freezing, but he made me feel more comfortable.”

Despite the dramatic nature of Tina’s fall, it’s her decline in hospital over the course of the next week that most affected Wright: “The worst bit was seeing her in a coma,” he commented. “That was scary. The thought of anything happening to Michelle almost kills me, so to see it was horrible.”


Tina’s plunge onto the cobbles is set to be broadcast tonight, with Michelle Keegan’s last episode airing on Monday 2 June.