Joe Dempsie: There was nowhere to hide in Southcliffe

"I was quite anxious about being part of the amazing cast of Southcliffe"


Your favourite TV double act?


I think the sign of a good double act is when you keep changing your mind about who your favourite is. And I certainly have that with Mitchell and Webb in Peep Show. Which one do I relate to more? There’s no answer to that question that will reflect well on me!

Is there anyone you’ve been intimidated acting alongside?

I was quite anxious about being part of the amazing cast of Southcliffe. It’s quite easy to hide in a big cast, like that of GoT, but there was nowhere to hide in Southcliffe.

How are your Skins castmates?

Nick Hoult is one of my best friends still. Whenever he’s in London we always hang out. And Dev Patel, likewise, when he’s in the country! We were all very young when we shot the first series and had no idea it was going to be so popular. It was a very bonding experience.

Who should win RT’s Audience Award?

Educating Yorkshire proved that being a teacher can be incredibly rewarding and that the truth can be more compelling than fiction. 

British Academy Television Awards are on Sunday 18 May at 8:00pm on BBC1.