Neighbours to face a zombie apocalypse on Ramsay Street

The residents of Australia's most famous street will be invaded by the undead in a new web series created by Louna Maroun


No, your eyes do not deceive you. A zombie apocalypse really is coming to Ramsay Street…


In a Neighbours plot twist you definitely didn’t see coming, the residents of Australia’s most famous street will face the undead in a new web series created by Screen Australia and YouTube. 

The Skip Ahead programme – a $400,000 incentive for online creatives – is offering funding to five artists with popular YouTube channels to create original content. Masterminding Neighbours’ encounter with corpses is 26-year-old Louna Maroun who entertains 140,000 subscribers across her three YouTube channels with music, comedy, beauty tutorials and a day-to-day vlog. 

“There’s a huge fanbase for the zombie genre,” said the newest addition to the Ramsay Street crew. “It’s so fresh and amazing that [FremantleMedia] are willing to do this sort of thing. It’s just a fan dream.”

The company’s director of digital content, Alicia Hamilton, added, “We were really impressed by the content she was producing on her YouTube channels and thought it would add a new dimension to this extension of Neighbours.” Erm, yes. You could say that. 

It is not yet clear which of the Neighbours cast will be involved in the project when filming begins in a few months, or whether the undead will be the ghosts of Neighbours past (could Madge Bishop be about to make a comeback?) Watch this space for more details…