Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

24-28 March: Bianca starts a fire, while Evelyn refuses to meet up with Denny


Monday 24 March


When Susan learns that Rebecca and Paul spent the night together, she must confront the reality of their rekindled relationship. Terese and Brad learn that Josh will not compete again and are forced to face the painful task of telling their son that his dreams are over. Sonya and Chris struggle to support Patricia as she recovers from her gambling addiction. 

Tuesday 25 March

The revelation of Brax’s transfer leaves Ricky with nowhere to go. Bianca’s memory starts to return, but is she pushing herself too hard by trying to go back to school? Zac and Hannah try to find out if Denny is who she claims to be or if she is connected to the cult. Andy does the mature thing to help Josh, but will Josh believe him? 

Wednesday 26 March

The twins consider whether they want to meet their sister. Harvey has taken off again and is not answering Roo’s calls. Sasha and Maddy arrange a girls’ night to take Roo’s mind off things. Roo is touched when she finds out that Maddy and Spencer have been trying to help. 

Thursday 27 March

Kyle’s latest attempt to woo Phoebe involves inviting her over so that they can write music together. This approach backfires, but perhaps Chris’s bad pick-up lines will inspire Phoebe to give Kyle another chance. Sasha has decided that she wants to run for school captain and asks Spencer to help her. Roo and Harvey have arrived at a critical point in their marriage. 

Friday 28 March

Phoebe rebuffs Kyle’s attempts to apologise, but he tries another tack by sending her a song. Roo and Harvey come to terms with the end of their relationship and decide to talk to Maddy and Spencer together before Spencer leaves. Heath continues to worry about Bianca as she returns to work. Meanwhile, Leah is nervous about her first day working at the high school and hands out a peculiar punishment to Jett and VJ for blackmailing Marilyn.