Steven Moffat teases Sherlock ‘spin-off’ Lestrade Investigates

Amanda Abbington wants a Mary and Molly sitcom but Moffat's more keen on a Lestrade spin-off - "where he solves nothing"


In the long, lean years between series of Sherlock, fans would like something to tide them over. Perhaps a Molly and Mary spin-off where they sit around drinking wine, suggested one girl hopefully at a recent launch event involving writer Steven Moffat and the Sherlock cast. 


Amanda Abbington, who plays John Watson’s new wife Mary, seemed quite keen.

“I’d love to work with Loo [Brealey, who pays Molly Hooper]” she said. “Maybe a sitcom.”

“There’s a crime and they don’t have a clue what to do about it,” joked Moffat. “Pity Sherlock’s not here.”

As it is, the Sherlock co-creator has his own ideas about what could make for entertaining extra-curricular viewing and it involves a certain Scotland Yard detective, played by Rupert Graves, who has been known to avail himself of Sherlock’s expertise from time to time…

“I want the Lestrade spin-off – where he solves nothing,” said Moffat. “Lestrade Investigates: not a f**king clue.”

Maybe don’t hold your breath for that one…

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