Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

13-17 January: Lucy helps Terese deal with Paul, Gem's role in recent events is exposed, while Imogen and Mason grow closer


Monday 13 January


Bailey screws up the courage to tell Susan that Gem made him hack into Kate’s emails. When Matt finds proof on Gem’s laptop, she is suspended from school. Kate hopes that Georgia might forgive her now that the truth has emerged, but Kyle calls round at just the wrong time. The events at school take their toll on Susan and she realises that she must tell Karl about her relapse. 

Tuesday 14 January

Georgia ignores a warning about Gem and leaves town with her. After a warning that he is sending mixed messages to Kate and Georgia, Kyle decides that a grand gesture is necessary. He decides to present Georgia with a new guitar, unaware that she has left town. Karl learns of Susan’s relapse through an election address by Paul. Mason and Imogen bond over the ‘Hampers for the Homeless’ project. 

Wednesday 15 January

Furious with Paul but concerned about Susan, Karl considers pulling out of the mayoral race. Amber’s suspicions are roused when Joshua buys her an expensive camera and confirmed when she finds text messages from Ruby on his phone. Paul upsets Terese when he takes over the conference room and forces her to cancel the staff party. Needing back-up to deal with him, she summons Lucy back from Singapore. 

Thursday 16 January

Sonya offers to babysit Elliott while Jacob sorts out his wife’s estate with his lawyer, but is left holding the baby for longer than she anticipated. Lucy Robinson flies in to sort out the feud between Paul and Terese, but a threat to remove him from the franchise holds no sway – he is leaving anyway. Ruby warns Amber that Joshua is about to become a local celebrity. If she gets upset about one kiss, how will she handle his fans? 

Friday 17 January


Lucy manages to get Lauren to open up about her past with Brad. Sonya is still looking after baby Elliott as Jacob has not turned up to reclaim him. Georgia and Gem’s car breaks down, leaving them stranded in a secluded cottage in the middle of nowhere without food or outside contact. Gem tries to stop Georgia leaving to get help, but her actions have life-threatening results.