Coronation Street – new set in numbers

Weatherfield has been getting a new set in Trafford and from how many cobbles there are to how many windows, here’s a few things to know about the nation’s favourite street

Coronation Street’s set has been undergoing a move from Quay Street in Manchester to MediaCity UK, on the banks of Manchester Ship Canal. From changing the width of the street for two cars to pass each other to allowing for “greater production flexibility” the soap’s home has been getting a bit of a makeover. 


Construction is expected to continue until the end of 2013, while the date that Corrie moves away from its Quay Street site in central Manchester has yet to be finalised.

How wide is the street? How many chimney pots are there? Is that a new window… get to know the new Coronation Street set in numbers.

2: There are now two windows upstairs in the Rovers Return.

2.5: Coronation Street is 2.5 feet wider allowing cars to pass with ease

3: This is the third time the programme’s current producer, Stuart Blackburn, has moved a soap.

5: Coronation Street Trafford is the 5th interpretation of the nation’s favourite street

7.7: The lot is 7.7 acres and is based in Trafford, just down the road from some famous neighbours including Manchester United and Old Trafford cricket ground

31: There are 31 window frames on Coronation Street’s frontage including Dev’s shop front

37: There is a total of 37 chimney pots on the lot

40: The tree outside the salon weighs six tonnes and stands 40 feet high. It is an Alnus Icana delivered from Holland. It is around 25 years old and is one of the largest trees ever planted in the UK.

120: New windows are home to over 600 feet of curtain rail holding 120 pairs of net curtains (perfect for twitching!)

54,000: The number of cobbles that have been laid on the new street reclaimed from Salford and the canalside in Eccles.

400,000: There are over 400,000 facing bricks, of which 144,000 were reclaimed from a derelict Salford street.