Elizabeth Banks: There is no Effie without all the hair and makeup

It might mean hours of preparation before filming, but Banks says Effie Trinket is worth the "total transformation"


The Hunger Games’ Effie Trinket is known for her flamboyant hairstyles, elaborate fashion choices and over-the-top makeup. (Well, that and the cry of, ‘That is mahogany!’)


In fact, Elizabeth Banks, star who plays her, thinks her unusual style is such an important part of her character that “there is no Effie without all of that.”

But it does mean the 39-year-old star has to endure hours in hair and makeup before she resembles the Capitol character.

“Effie requires a total transformation,” Banks told RadioTimes.com on the rainy red carpet last night.

“It takes about three to four hours every day, from when I arrive to when I go to set to shoot,” she continued. “But it’s worth it because there is no Effie without all of that.”

Does all the makeup instantly get her into character?

“Absolutely. I love to disappear. I’m very happy that I see Effie on screen and not me.”

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is in UK cinemas 21 November.