Emmerdale spoilers: Amy flees the village – but does Kyle go too? Chelsea Halfpenny exit interview

The departing actress reveals what's in store during her final week on screen

Amy Wyatt is a woman on the edge: she’s in trouble with the police thanks to the restraining order placed on her by Joanie, but yet the young mum shows no signs of giving up the fight for son Kyle. As actress Chelsea Halfpenny exits the ITV soap, she tells us what happens after Amy takes desperate action and snatches Kyle…


So, does Amy realise that she’s gone too far where Joanie is concerned?
For Amy, giving up just isn’t on the agenda. After the incident with police, all she does is decide on a different course of attack. She thinks she’s got to do something forceful, otherwise the police will lock her up again.

She isn’t ever going to give up, is she?
What happened was that she didn’t realise how big a decision it was to make contact with Kyle in the first place. Because now there really is no going back. She’s got all these feelings for him and she can’t deal with the fact that she wouldn’t be able to see him.

Is that what prompts her to think about taking him?
She thinks that it’s the only way, but she’s acting irrationally and on impulse because doing this would mean that she’d be on the run for the rest of her life. She’s being very selfish, but she’s only thinking of the here and now. She reckons that the only way this is all going to work out is if she kidnaps him.

But what about poor Andy in all of this?
I know! She really hasn’t put enough care and love into her relationship with Andy because her attention’s been taken up by Kyle. Andy can sense that she’s consumed by trying to get Kyle back, but he doesn’t realise just how far she’s willing to go.

And does she feel guilty about leaving Val and Eric behind?
She really does feel bad about that. And with her mum coming into the picture, it’s made that family set-up even more perfect. But she’s got this heartache when she’s not with her child and that’s the only thing she’s driven by at the moment.

What happens when Kerry tries to talk her out of her plan?
Well, when Kerry’s disagreeing with her, Amy knows that she can manipulate her mum and make her feel bad for the things that happened when she was younger. Kerry has been constantly been trying to impress Amy as a way of saying sorry, so Amy uses that against her in order to try and get some support.

Tell us about the scene in the Woolpack where Amy gets her friends together. They’ve got no idea she’s actually saying goodbye…
Yes, she says that she wants to apologise for getting arrested, so she arranges a drink in the pub, which is all quite emotional. Everyone’s being their normal self because nobody thinks she’s about to do what she’s planning.

And it’s here that Andy asks her to move in with him…
Yes! When he asks it’s completely the wrong time for her and obviously she feels terrible. Her attention has been on Kyle; everything has been about him. So she feels guilty that this lad is putting everything on the line for her. She knows she’s going to be leaving the next day and has to just go along with it.

How does Amy feel when Kerry shows up in Hettie the van to help with the getaway attempt?
Amy’s so nervous when she’s taking Kyle because she thinks she’s going to get caught. So when Kerry turns up in the van, she’s overwhelmed and so thankful she’s there. I could really feel for Amy when I was filming it – finally her mam was really helping her out. It’s want she’s wanted and it comes as a massive relief.

Do you think it goes some way to heal the rift between them?
Yes, because in that moment, Kerry says the things that Amy has been waiting to hear her whole life. When Kerry helps her out, she finally says “I love you” and they have the mother-daughter moment that Amy’s been waiting for. Kerry’s really helped her out when she needed it the most.

Doesn’t Amy feel bad about Joanie?
Amy’s just putting all that to the back of her mind. She sees Joanie as this selfish old woman who could never look after her kid in the way she could. Joanie’s not even part of the equation and Amy has no emotional attachment to her.

At one point, Val phones Amy up though and tries to talk her into coming back. What happens at that point?
At first, Amy pretends that nothing’s wrong. But when Val tells Amy to bring Kyle back, she tells her that she’s come too far to do that and chucks her phone out of the window.

We’re not whether or not Amy leaves with Kyle, but we do know that you are definitely leaving Emmerdale. So what was it like sailing off into the sunset?
It was so sad. I had tears streaming for about two hours filming the scene where I was on a ferry and everyone was waving me off.  By the end, I’d been crying for so long that I had nothing left. I was dry with exhaustion.


And what are your future plans?
I’m going to New York for a week. It’s a good place to go after a job like this because it’s inspiring, exciting and hopefully  motivating. After that, I’m going to move to London and do some classes – I want to experience the whole jobbing actress thing. And I really feel really at home when I’m in London.