Coronation Street spoilers: David’s DNA test secret arouses Kylie’s suspicions – first look pictures

The "who's the daddy?" plot will take a surprising turn in the coming weeks

David Platt’s quest for the truth concerning Lily’s paternity is set to fuel Kylie’s suspicions in the coming weeks.


As David confesses to Tina about his need to know whether he’s the girl’s father, his ex is quick to warn him of the pitfalls: could he handle bringing up his brother’s child? David isn’t sure but says that he has to know and orders a DNA test.

Meanwhile, Kylie is growing increasingly insecure about the amount of time that David is spending with Tina, but when she questions him about his whereabouts he lies, firing up Kylie’s suspicions further.

Later on, Tina promises to help David with the DNA test, but Kylie walks in on what looks like a cosy encounter. Rattled, she asks Eva to keep an eye on Tina in the pub. But when David meets up with Tina to explain that he’s got his and Lily’s samples and is sending them off, Kylie suddenly appears, having been alerted by Eva.


So is she about to stumble upon what David is up to? Find out in the episode set to air on Wednesday 9 October.