Emmerdale spoilers: Marlon proposes to Laurel – Charlotte Bellamy interview

But will Ashley's unrequited feelings for his ex-wife prove to be a problem?

Marlon and Laurel are to get engaged in an upcoming episode, but not before she has a drunken evening in the company of former husband Ashley.


In scenes to be shown next week, Laurel will help Ashley look for a new place to live, only for him to misread the signals.

And little does Laurel realise that, as she shares more than a couple of drinks with her ex following a day of house-hunting, Marlon is planning a surprise proposal of marriage.

“She isn’t aware of what Marlon is going to do,” says Charlotte Bellamy, who plays Laurel. “And neither does she realise that Ashley is taking everything she’s saying the wrong way during their drunken evening together. Ashley thinks Laurel is leading him on. But, of course, she’s not. She’s just having fun with a man she thinks of as a mate. But Ashley doesn’t think of her as a mate.”

Needless to say, romantic complications ensue, which end with Lauren agreeing to marry Marlon in what Bellamy describes as “a really lovely romantic scene”. But what of Ashley in all of this? Sandy believes his son is setting himself up for a fall, especially when he spies Ashley shaving his beard off and transforming himself into the man he used to be…

“Yes, Laurel mentions that she doesn’t like Ashley’s beard but only in a jokey way,” explains Bellamy. “But when he turns up all clean-shaven, she realises that he’s taken it to heart. Ashley doesn’t know that she’s just been proposed to, so the whole thing is quite embarrassing.”

So does the actress think that Laurel and Ashley can ever just be friends? “Laurel has a lot of time and respect for Ashley but she certainly doesn’t have any romantic feelings. So it’s very hard for Ashley because he’s deeply in love with her. It’s hard to move on when you’re in love with somebody.”


And would Bellamy like there to be some nuptials for her character and Marlon? “Oh yes. Who wouldn’t want a soap wedding? They’re both romantics. He’s the man of her dreams. So it would be lovely.”