Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

16-20 September: Mason concocts a plan, while Robbo is targeted in a hit and run

Monday 16 September


Robbo steps up his threat to Mason by posting a video link on the internet, ready to go live if Mason doesn’t pay him before his court appearance. When Mason appeals to him for a loan, Paul insists he wants to handle things his own way and orders Marty to step up his investigation of Robbo. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, Mason enlists Chris and Josh, and decides to find a way to get the money himself.

Lucas is feeling guilty after losing a substantial amount of money gambling, and Sonya senses something’s wrong. Vanessa’s stress is escalated by the financial pressures she and Lucas are under, and she considers leaving the hospital in order to return to work. Lucas insists he will sort things out, telling her it’s not worth the risk, so when Robbo him there’s another game tomorrow night, he can’t help feeling tempted…

With Lou having returned from overseas believing Sheila has a crush on him, and intending to let her down gently, Bailey’s guilty about his blog mischief. But he doesn’t want to damage Lou’s self-esteem by revealing he posed as Sheila. Instead, he tells Lou that Sheila’s recent heartache at the hands of Walter means she couldn’t cope with anymore rejection – and besides, the whole thing has turned her off men. Feeling for Sheila, Lou agrees to do the gentlemanly thing and let the matter go unmentioned.

Tuesday 17 September

The preparation is done, the works are hung, and there is nothing to do but open the ‘Dads of Erinsborough’ exhibition – prompting some heart-warming moments. With their concern for Imogen bubbling after Susan’s intervention, Terese and Brad take the chance to reconnect with her. And they’re reassured to see that she seems to be the Imogen they know and love. But scratch the surface and the issues Susan was alluding to are never far away.

Meanwhile, despite his earlier reservations, Matt is moved by Bailey’s entry into the exhibition, coming to realise that the everyday things he does are noticed and do make a difference – at least in his younger son’s eyes. However, it’s not all plain sailing, as Toadie’s much longed for new respect is undermined by Callum’s entry into the exhibition. Little does he know that’s the least of his problems after a run-in with Robbo earlier in the night: his drink has been spiked and anything could happen.

Robbo is also the preoccupation for Mason. With the clock ticking and Robbo’s threats to release the memento of Amber continuing, Mason is forced to turn to Chris, Hudson and, worst of all, Josh, for help. They hatch a plan to pay Robbo off, while at the same time ensuring there’s no way he can continue to blackmail them. Chris, however, feels guilty that Amber is the only one who doesn’t know what Robbo’s trying to do to her, and confesses. She’s understandably devastated – but will she take matters into her own hands?

Under mounting financial pressure, Lucas takes the biggest gamble of all – allowing Robbo to lure him back to a card game. Hoping he can win his way out of trouble, he only ends up further in debt and with his world closing in on him, he seems ready to do something drastic.

Wednesday 18 September

t’s the morning after the hit-and-run accident involving Robbo, and a concerned Imogen has spent the night searching for Amber. At the same time, Amber wakes up at the radio station to find that Robbo never made their rendezvous. Feeling ashamed and guilty that she almost slept with him in exchange for his salacious memento of her, Amber arrives home, furious with Mason for keeping secrets from her.

When Toadie tells her that her car has been abandoned on Fairfax Road, Imogen suspects Amber of stealing it the night before, and enlists Mason’s help to get it back. But on inspection of the car, Mason finds damage and realises it may have been involved in Robbo’s accident. Mason works swiftly to erase any evidence, just as Matt finds broken glass at the scene of the accident – matching Imogen’s car’s broken indicator light. Meanwhile, Mason, Amber and Imogen all suspect each other of Robbo’s hit-and-run, and the trio vow never to speak of it again.

Sonya learns from Susan that Robbo has been in a car accident and is in hospital fighting for his life. Sonya is deeply conflicted by the news, but Susan assures her that after all the intimidation and harassment Robbo has put her through, it’s perfectly understandable that she would feel relief.

Meanwhile, desperate to know what this means for the court case, Sonya confronts Karl, pleading with him to tell her Robbo’s prognosis. Will the court case be postponed a week, a month or longer? Karl tells Sonya that it’s very likely that the court case may not eventuate at all, and Sonya breaks down as she realises her nightmare may finally be over.

It’s the morning after the exhibition, and Toadie inexplicably finds himself waking up in Imogen’s car. With no idea how he got there, he staggers home to sleep off his ‘hangover’. Later, when Sonya tells him about Robbo’s accident, Toadie reveals that he has no recollection of the past six hours. When Sonya questions why on earth he went out in the middle of the night, an increasingly nervous Toadie reveals that he went out looking for Robbo. Could Toadie be responsible for Robbo’s hit-and-run?

Thursday 19 September

Still hazy, Toadie struggles to remember the events of the previous night. With Sonya’s help, flashes of memory return, and they realise Robbo spiked her drink at the ‘Dads of Erinsborough’ exhibition. However, Toadie was the one who drank it, and he recalls later, while drug affected, reading a threatening text on Sonya’s phone and heading out to find Robbo.

The next thing he remembers is waking up in Imogen’s car; although the rest is a blank, Toadie is convinced of his guilt and goes to the police station, where Matt suggests he have a blood test to back up his statement. While at the hospital, Toadie sees Robbo in ICU and has another flashback. This time, he remembers confronting him the previous night. Sonya reassures him he will be vindicated, but when Karl reveals the results of the drug and alcohol test, Toadie is shocked to learn that nothing was found in his system.

Despite her history with Robbo, Amber reveals to Lauren she has conflicting feelings for him. She knows he’s a destructive influence and she shouldn’t care what happens to him, but she does. Lauren’s advice is to stay strong, and she reassures her that her fixation with him will fade in time. Later, Amber confides in Imogen about the explicit ‘memento’ Robbo has of her on his phone.

Mindful of Vanessa’s delicate health, Lucas continues to keep secrets from her. A flashback reveals his gambling and financial woes led to a bitter confrontation with Robbo, and now Lucas is in possession of several thousand dollars.

Believing they’re protecting Amber, Imogen reports her car missing to the police, while Mason dumps it in the hospital car park. Later, she reveals to him that she threw Robbo’s phone away, but when they go to the site of the hit-and-run, it’s nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, Paul pays off Marty for services rendered.

Friday 20 September

Mason gets a text from Chris summoning him to the shed. Chris wonders what happened to the money they gave Robbo, but Mason has no idea. He still hasn’t cracked Robbo’s password either, so they don’t know if the video has been uploaded from the laptop. All their work and money might well have been spent in vain. Chris susses Georgia out, learning there was no money found amongst Robbo’s personal effects.

Toadie can’t sleep as he grapples with the possibility that he is the hit and run driver. Sonya finds him stressing: he thinks he may have repressed the memory of the night on purpose. Sonya tries to reassure him this is not the case and finally manages to coax him back to bed. They decide to explain the situation to Callum before he hears about it from someone else, but they’re too late. He’s already left for school and heard about the news from Bailey. Callum rushes back home to challenge his parents and they reveal all to him.

A besotted Josie gets closer to Callum but his friendship with Bailey is on the rocks again as Callum accuses the Turners of bringing Robbo to Erinsborough and of being ultimately responsible for all the trouble that has beset his family. At the same time, Toadie is starting to contemplate the worst possible scenarios, but Sonya tells him she firmly believes in his innocence.

Lou has decided to get back on the dating horse – if Sheila had the hots for him, there is no reason other available women won’t either. Lou takes himself off to the community centre in search of fresh opportunities. He brings his new date Elsie to lunch at Charlie’s, only to have Sheila unwittingly torpedo it by revealing Lou’s colourful past as a male escort. Lou gets a glass of wine in the face and accuses Sheila of sabotaging his date because she’s jealous. She is wryly amused by the accusation.


Brad tries to motivate a troubled Joshua as the state swimming trials are on later today. Joshua complains of a cold and says he might not be able to compete, but Brad thinks he’s suffering from nerves and tells him to man up. Later, Josh is a no-show. Alone in the gym, he reveals the real reason for his reluctance to swim: the badly bruised ribs he received at the hands of Robbo on that fateful night.