Coronation Street spoilers: Chesney and Katy get back together – Sam Aston interview

But will the reconciliation really make Ches happy?

Chesney is heading for a reunion with former love Katy (Georgia May Foote), but is the reconciliation really what he wants? Pretty soon, Ches is sleeping on the sofa and inviting Fiz and Tyrone back to the house to avoid spending time alone with Katy. So has Ches been too hasty in splitting with Sinead (Katie McGlynn)? Here, actor Sam Aston tells us what’s to come in his character’s complicated love life:


So, how is Chesney dealing with his confusion over Katy and Sinead?
He’s finding it really difficult. He likes Sinead as she’s so lovely, kind and understanding. They really get on. But then he feels torn over Katy – she’s the mother of his child, so there will always be a certain bond.

So Chesney genuinely likes Sinead – he’s not just using her to score points off Katy?
Definitely not. I think Chesney really clicked with Sinead and they probably get on more than he gets on with Katy. Katy really hurt Chesney when she got with Ryan, but I don’t think Chesney has it in him to use someone like that just to get back at her.

How did he feel when Katy said she wanted him back after her fling with Ryan ended badly?
Chesney’s torn between Sinead and Katy. He really likes Sinead, but Katy’s the mother of his child. When Sinead says she understands if Chesney wants to get back with Katy, he doesn’t know what to do. He has a heart-to-heart with Tyrone and admits that the most important thing in his life is Joseph. At that point he knows what he has to do and finishes with Sinead.

So does he get back with Katy for Joseph’s sake?
Having a mum and dad living together for Joseph means so much to Chesney because he never had that growing up. When they get back together, I think Katy’s thrilled but I think Chesney’s just happy to have his son back.

What’s the atmosphere like when Katy and Joseph move back in?
It’s not good. Katy’s very seductive and tells Chesney how much she’s missed him and how pleased she is to be home, but Chesney just doesn’t feel the same. When she goes upstairs he can’t bring himself to follow her and ends up sleeping on the sofa and when she suggests a romantic meal together, Chesney starts to regret his decision.

Does Katy realise things are wrong when he invites Fiz and Tyrone along?
He lies to Katy and tells her they invited themselves. Katy’s annoyed and makes it clear they’re not invited. When she finds out Chesney invited them, I think she realises he doesn’t want to be alone with her and accuses him of wanting to be with Sinead.

Do you think Sinead is the right girl for Ches?
I do, I think they have a much more fun relationship than he has with Katy. The problem with Ches and Katy is that they grew up too fast. They were like an old married couple and just seemed to argue all the time. Sinead is nice to Chesney and makes him feel wanted.

Would he be happy to be back with Katy if Sinead wasn’t in the background?
I guess it does change things having Sinead in the background, because it makes Chesney even more aware of the problems he has with Katy. One second Katy’s happy to have him back and the next she’s arguing with him. It’s much easier with Sinead as they just get on.

Did you miss having Georgia as your on-screen other half?
Yeah I did. Georgia’s a lot of fun and we really get on, but that’s the nature of soaps – you don’t know how long your characters’ relationships are going to last.


And what does the future hold for Chesney?
The foreseeable future looks quite bright for Chesney – but that could all change.