Benedict Cumberbatch on Sherlock series 3: “You’re in for a treat”

The new run of the BBC1 detective drama will see it evolve as the cast set themselves higher standards, says the star

Sherlock star in ‘New series of my show is good’ shock!


Ok, so it may not come as much of a surprise that Benedict Cumberbatch is bigging up the third series of Sherlock. But for those of us desperate for any insider info on the upcoming new episodes it’s nice to hear its star sounding pleased with the results of this year’s filming – and confirming that the cast have slotted straight back into their roles.

“[Series three] is great,” said Cumberbatch. “The second series was weird – because it was such a phenomenal success, we were a bit distanced from the routine and the inhabiting of those characters. This season, straight into it, comfortable. And [the characters all] immediately fit under our skins.”

Not that the cast are resting on their laurels. Cumberbatch says they’ve been grafting to make sure they bring something new to the series.

“[It’s] really hard work because it wouldn’t be a good show unless we were trying to evolve it and set ourselves new challenges and standards,” Cumberbatch told Entertainment Weekly. “But I love it. I’m very fond of playing [Sherlock].

“You’re in for a treat this series.”

Filming is set to complete soon on the third and final episode of Sherlock series three, with an air date yet to be announced.