Emmerdale spoilers: Can Marlon rescue Laurel when she faces her attacker? Preview pictures

Mark Charnock reveals what's in store in next week's dramatic episodes

A troubled Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) is to find and confront the man who recently carjacked her – but will she make it through the confrontation in one piece?


In scenes to be shown next week, Laurel – who has grown increasingly obsessed in the weeks since her ordeal – will track down her attacker thanks to a list of garages provided for her by Dan that he’s taken from Cain’s records.

The list provides names of those from whom Cain (Jeff Hordley) has been buying dodgy cars. So, armed with a pair of scissors, Laurel goes in search of the man and is soon following her prime suspect Ross back to his flat. After nervously telling Ross that she wants to hurt him like he hurt her, a cocky Ross tries to take control and backs her against the door.

The big question for viewers will be whether Marlon (Mark Charnock) can piece it all together and work out where his girlfriend has gone.

“Marlon begins to think that something’s wrong when the factory girls tell him that Laurel’s not been in work,” says Charnock. “ And then Dan tells him that he gave Lauren the list thinking she’d go to the police. So Marlon goes to see Cain, who’s still reluctant to help. Marlon and Cain don’t have much a friendship. In fact, Cain thinks that Marlon is a prat. But, in this case, the Dingle family loyalty eventually kicks in and Cain actually ends up being really heroic.”

So will Marlon and Cain make it in time to save Laurel? “It’s blind terror for Marlon. He knows she’s on her own and in danger. When they find her, Cain bursts through the door and we hear screaming upstairs. As for what happens next, well, you’ll have to watch to find out.”

One thing for sure, though, is that Charnock enjoyed the opportunity to work more closely with his pal Jeff Hordley:

“We get along really well so I hope we get to do more together because he’s my friend. I think it’ll be nice for the audience because you can forget sometimes that Marlon and Cain are cousins.


“There’s a great moment when Marlon, in his desperation, grabs Cain and demands to know where Laurel is. And Jeff does this thing where he looks down very slowly and quietly at my hands, which are on his lapels. And you can see Marlon thinking, ‘what am I doing? It’s Cain!’ So that’s very funny in the midst of all the drama.”