Downton Abbey series four – first look!

Mary, Branson and lots of cute babies appear in new pictures for the upcoming series of the hit ITV period drama

Calling all Downton fans!


Look what we’ve found… New images of series four action starring Mary, Branson and lots of cute babies.

So what can we glean about the next season?

Well, Downton newbie Lady Rose looks a bit down in the dumps. Maybe moving down from the Scottish Highlands to live with the Crawleys hasn’t been as fun as she’d hoped. There’s certain to be no jazz or flapper dresses in sight, especially while the family are still in mourning for poor old Matthew…

Daisy looks a little perkier. Perhaps things are on the up for the sullen housemaid. It really is time her fortunes took a turn for the better. Maybe love really will be on the cards in series four? Mr Carson looks as upstanding, and as irritated, as ever. Wonder what’s getting up his nose now?

But here’s what we are really interested in… HOW cute is little Sybil, standing on the Abbey’s sweeping driveway in big girl shoes? We hate to sound like her irritating aunt, but oh, how she’s grown. Branson is clearly a doting dad to the adorable tot. But we knew the former chauffeur was going to make a brilliant Pa anyway.

And we have a very curious image of Mary, Branson and the little Crawley clan, too. With rumours of a Mary love triangle and Branson getting it on with a new maid…. could this add another element to the Downton drama?

We’ve long suspected that Mary and Branson might be drawn together. They are both new parents, both widowed. He needs someone to bring up his daughter. She needs someone to manage her estate. They are both young, attractive and single. What’s standing in their way, eh? All it’ll take is for their eyes to meet over the formula milk during a 4am feed…

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Downton Abbey returns to our screens this autumn with an eight-part series