Coronation Street spoilers: Leanne accuses Nick of having an affair with Eva – first look pictures

A poison pen letter gives Leanne a suspicious mind, explains actress Jane Danson

Leanne Tilsley is to demand answers from husband Nick (Ben Price) after she receives a poison pen letter from David (Jack P Shepherd).


In scenes to be shown next week, David will send a surprise note to his sister-in-law asking if she knows where her husband was on Christmas night and with whom.

And after spotting Nick chatting to Eva (Catherine Tyldesley), Leanne quickly jumps to the conclusion that she rather than Kylie (Paula Lane) is the other woman. All of which leaves Nick in a decidedly awkward situation as his wife seeks out the truth.

It’s just the latest move in David’s increasingly fraught mission to ruin his brother’s marriage. But, at this point, does Leanne have any clue that he’s responsible for the vendetta?

“Not at all,” says Jane Danson, who plays Leanne. “He doesn’t even come into her stratosphere. She just feels as though she’s constantly being knocked over and every time she picks herself up something else seems to happen! But there is absolutely no reason for her to believe that David is involved.”

The sending of the poison pen letter comes at the climax to a particularly bad week for Nick and Leanne, which finds them dealing with watered down spirits at the Bistro and a scathing review on Trip Advisor. Nick starts to believe that someone on the staff has it in for him and calls the police, while David continues to fuel discontent on the sidelines.

“Leanne thinks that it’s a storm in a teacup and that he’s jumping to conclusions before he’s thought it all through,” continues Danson. “But it also means that Leanne will feel bad for telling him he’s overreacting once things get even worse later on. She thinks that the answer has got to be simple and that they can find out for themselves. But then, of course, she realises much further down the line that perhaps someone has got it in for them.”

So does the actress think that David stands a good chance of ruining Nick and Leanne’s marriage?

“Well, David’s plans do seem to fall at the last hurdle. Nick and Leanne manage to resolve their differences so David’s attempt to ruin their relationship actually does the opposite by pushing them together. All of their ‘bad luck’, as it were, actually makes them a tighter unit. So David’s getting more and more agitated as his plans fall apart one by one.”


And how would Leanne react if she did actually find out that Nick slept with Kylie? “That’s tricky. Leanne can be so self-righteous and, regardless of what she did to Nick on Christmas Day, she would still completely condemn Nick for doing that.”