Coronation Street spoilers: Carla and Rob in explosive bust up – preview pictures

"Their brother-sister fighting is raw and horrid and totally runs on adrenaline," says actress Alison King

The sibling rivalry between Carla and Rob is to turn fiery next week when she discovers that he and Tracy are behind a scam that has left Underworld £20,000 out of pocket.


After Rob (Marc Baylis) pioneers a plan to hijack a silk order with Tracy (Kate Ford) as his accomplice, it isn’t long before Carla is growing suspicious of their actions: “They are acting so strangely and Carla isn’t stupid,” says Alison King, who plays Carla. “She knows her brother so well and deep down she knows that he and Tracy have had something to do with the theft.”

The situation comes to a head when Michelle – in a bid to secure more silk – stumbles on a supplier who claims to have been offered the material Carla had stolen. After tracking down the number of the seller, it isn’t long before the path is leading back to Rob and Tracy. So what does Carla do to trap her brother?

“She pretends that she’s a buyer wanting to buy the cheap silk so arranges to meet him.”

And how does she feel when she catches him red-handed? “It’s so childlike,” admits King. “They argue like cat and dog, going right back to their childhood where their brother-sister fighting is raw and horrid and totally runs on adrenaline. Because they’re so close, Rob’s actions are just the ultimate betrayal and she loses it.”

Rob, however, is defiant and insists that he was only looking after number one, as Carla has done all her life. So how does she feel when he throws that accusation in her face? “It’s the same story with him. He always accuses her of that and they’ll never get away from it. Carla can’t take back the past, which is why she has always stood by him, but now she knows she can’t.

“This is the last chance he had to be in her life and that’s gone now.”


And is this latest crisis a sign of things to come? “I don’t think things are going to run smoothly for her. I think possibly more relationship issues are on the way. But who knows in soapland?”