Mary Portas swaps shops for OAPs

The Queen of the high is turning her hand to the plight of unemployed over-65s in a new Channel 4 series


Brand expert, marketeer, and sporter of iconic hair-do, Mary Portas, is back with another of her trademark innovative ventures.


As part of her brand new Channel 4 series, Mary’s Jobs for Life (w/t), Mary will be setting up Britain’s first ever employment agency for the over 65s.

The flame-haired trailblazer will be tapping into the resources of an often-overlooked group, helping OAPs to optimise their diverse skills and get back into the workplace. 

The new series will be the latest in a long line of shows fronted by Portas, whose previous work includes Mary Queen of Shops, Secret Shopper and Mary’s Bottom Line. No doubt this will prove popular with her loyal fan-base, but she can also expect to gain new followers from an older generation keen to see their age-group taking centre stage.


Mary’s Jobs for Life will start on Channel 4 later this year