Coronation Street spoilers: Jack P Shepherd on David’s shock epileptic seizure

Events take a worrying turn when David has a fit while out with Max and Joseph. Who will come to their rescue?

The state of David Platt’s health is set to cause concern next week when he suffers an epileptic seizure while out in the park with Max and Joseph.


“They’ve gone to see the ducks when he suddenly has a fit and falls to the ground,” explains Jack P Shepherd, who plays David. “Baby Joseph is staring out of the pram, thinking that it’s a game. So Max is the one who has to get help. Luckily David had been thinking on his feet. He knew he was about to have a fit so he’d got his phone out and scrolled down to Nick. But before hitting call, he’d dropped the phone by Max’s feet. As David starts to have the fit, Max picks up the phone, rings Nick and he comes to rescue them all.”

The worrying incident comes at the end of a busy week for David, who’s on edge after discovering that the doctor has remarked upon pregnant Kylie’s (Paula Lane) high blood pressure:

“She isn’t supposed to be doing any more work and is supposed to take it easy, which means David’s got to do all the chores, feed and bath Max, take him to school as well as working in the salon. Then with Kylie not working, money is tight so he decides to cover her shifts at the Bistro as well.”

But, inevitably, mistakes start to happen. David nicks Dennis’s ear while cutting his hair and then goes on to drop a tray of champagne flutes at the Bistro. The culmination to all this is the drama in the local park that sees the overstretched dad-to-be collapsing in front of those in his care. However, once he’s come round, it seems that David still doesn’t realise the seriousness of the situation:

“He’s not really bothered,” says Shepherd, “and the only thing that upsets him is thinking that his baby might have epilepsy because he didn’t know if it’s hereditary.”

Of course, David is also not aware of the possibility that the father of Kylie’s unborn child could well turn out to be Nick (Ben Price) thanks the one-night-stand that the pair had over Christmas 2012. So how does he think David would react were he to discover the truth?

“I think it could one of two ways. He could absolutely lose it and go all out for revenge. Or, as he’s now close to Nick, he could be really emotional and not want to split the family up and lose Kylie. Maybe he could put it behind him and still keep that relationship with his brother. I guess it will depend on whether the baby turns out to be his or not. I have heard from the producer that they have two storylines plotted for whose baby it is and they can’t decide who it’s going to be. They like them both, so they just have to make a decision.”

And how is Shepherd finding it acting with Harry McDermott, who plays Max? And does he welcome the possibility of their being a newborn to look after on set?


“Harry’s brilliant. He always knows his lines and where he should be, but a baby is unpredictable. I think they’re nice but not to work with! But I just act like a kid when I’m with the kids. I was a child actor too, so I know what it’s like. But I was a nightmare. I was always telling people their lines and telling the crew how they should be doing their job. I would have hated me!”