Warren Brown, Gina McKee, Elliot Knight to star in BBC1 drama By Any Means

Shelley Conn and Andrew Lee Potts also now filming new maverick-cop series


Good Cop star Warren Brown is to play a lead role in another crime drama: By Any Means, a six-parter which is about to start filming for BBC1.


The series, about a covert team of police detectives who lay traps for elite criminals when the regular legal system fails, will also star Gina McKee (Line of Duty, Hebburn), pictured above, Shelley Conn (Mistresses, Heading Out), Elliot Knight (Sinbad) and Andrew Lee Potts (Primeval).

Brown said the detective he will play, Jack Quinn, was “a great character full of contradictions which I’m looking forward to bringing to life.”


The drama has been created by a team of writers led by Tony Jordan, who created Hustle and previously worked on EastEnders and Life on Mars.