Star Wars: Watch a ‘lost’ Empire Strikes Back documentary featuring unseen footage

See half an hour of material from French journalist Michel Parbot's 1979 Star Wars doc


After being ‘lost’ for more than 30 years, Star Wars fans can finally watch a little-known vintage documentary about The Empire Strikes Back by French journalist Michel Parbot.


In 1979, Parbot was granted unprecedented access to shoot behind-the-scenes footage of The Empire Strikes Back while the film was in production, and the resulting material was used in two different documentaries about the movie: one American, one Dutch.

But while the US doc was recently made available on the Star Wars Blu-ray re-releases, the Dutch one has been locked away in the archives of Lucasfilm and two French TV broadcasters since it was first aired.

Until now, only a handful of low-quality snippets of the Dutch film had come to light, but thanks to the work of a network of Star Wars fans, half an hour’s worth of material from the ‘lost’ documentary has finally been made available online.

As well as interviews with Empire’s stars Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford, the documentary features such amusing sights as a headless Wampa beast trying (and failing) to take its first steps, and crew-members pulling a full-sized Tauntaun through the snow with a skidoo.


Read the full back story of Parbot’s documentary here (in French and English) and watch the footage itself below: