Coronation Street spoilers: Eileen receives shock proposal of marriage from fireman Paul

But has she blown her chance of wedded bliss? Actress Sue Cleaver reveals all


The coming week brings fresh worries for Eileen when she learns that a full monty strip show involving boyfriend Paul (Tony Hirst) is being organised by Toni, a woman she’s never heard of. But things don’t go according to plan when Eileen coaxes Julie into accompanying her on a mission to spy on Paul and his female colleague. So how will Paul react when he discovers Eileen is on a secret stakeout? And will Eileen be equally shocked when she realises that Paul was actually planning to propose. Actress Sue Cleaver, who plays Eileen, gives us the details:


So why is Eileen so jealous of Paul’s workmate Toni?
Eileen is not naturally a jealous person, but she’s so shocked when she discovers Toni is in fact a woman that something snaps inside her and she feels this irrational jealousy – particularly as it’s Toni who’s organising the Full Monty charity night that Paul is involved with. She hadn’t even thought about women working there, which is of course ridiculous in this day and age.

But what makes her think that there’s something going on between them?
In her head, she thinks that Paul has deliberately kept Toni’s gender a secret from her when in fact he’s done nothing of the sort. It hasn’t even entered his head to specifically mention that she’s a woman. He’s totally incredulous at how upset she is, which of course makes her even angrier and they end up rowing with Sean having to arbitrate!

Then she decides to spy on Paul – why does she do that?
She confides in Julie, who thinks that Eileen needs to see Toni to put her mind at rest and satisfy her curiosity. It’s obviously not one of Julie’s better ideas. Eileen should know better than to listen to her sister when it comes to affairs of the heart.

Does Paul then end up catching them?
When they arrive at the station it’s deserted as they’ve gone out on a job. So Julie decides they should sneak in and have a look to see if there are any pictures of Toni inside. But then they hear Paul returning and they need to hide – but in true Eileen and Julie style they’re caught out. He’s absolutely furious and can’t believe she has been spying on him.

Why is Eileen so convinced that Paul will leave her for somebody else?
I just think she can’t quite believe that she’s finally found happiness so she can’t help but push the self-destruct button. She doesn’t believe she can be truly happy and it’s almost as if she’s just waiting for something to go wrong. She later finds out that he’s not at work when he said he was going in and she’s convinced he’s lying to her and he’s hiding something, so of course she tackles him about it.

And then we see that Paul has bought an engagement and that Eileen has now blown her romantic proposal…
She realises just how stupid she has been. In trying to keep hold of him, she’s now on the brink of losing him. She desperately tries to backtrack but he is really hurt by her accusations and walks out. Eileen really feels that she’s blown it and she doesn’t see how she can make him realise that she’s sorry. She’d be delighted if he was to propose but she really feels that she’s ruined any chance of that happening.

Would you like to see Eileen get hitched?
It would be nice to see her happy as Eileen represents a lot of women who watch the show and it would be lovely for them to see her finally find true love and happiness. But this is soap so maybe Eileen is never going to be truly happy.

If you were her friend what advice would you offer?
Anyone who’s been through what Eileen endures would find it very hard to accept that things are going well, but I would try and tell her to relax and enjoy what she’s got and not to jinx it by worrying about things that might never happen.

Do you think Eileen and Paul make a good couple?
Yes, I think they make a great couple and this is what’s so sad about the way Eileen behaves. If she just sat back and took a look at what she has, she would just get on with it and be happy.


And what else is coming up for Eileen? 
Lots more drama to come – the Rovers fire is certainly going to cause some interesting dilemmas and problems for Eileen and Paul in the coming months!