Coronation Street spoilers: Paula Lane – “Gail is horrified that Kylie’s baby might not be David’s”

The actress reveals what happens when Gail discovers the Platt family secret


Next week’s events on Coronation Street see Kylie on a downward spiral. David (Jack P Shepherd) is out of town, while Gail (Helen Worth) has discovered Kylie’s part in Lewis’s grand con. Following a booze bender that lands her in hospital with a ruptured spleen, Kylie is then faced with the revelation that Nick (Ben Price) has confessed to his mum about the Christmas one-night-stand. With so many secrets swirling about, can the truth be kept from David? Actress Paula Lane reveals all…


So how does Gail rumble that Kylie was involved in helping Lewis rip her off?
As we saw, Kylie went into the house when it was empty, found Gail’s bank details and wrote them down. Now we’ll see Gail finding the piece of paper that Kylie gave to Lewis in one of his jacket pockets. She puts two and two together after seeing a booking made at the Bistro in Kylie’s handwriting.

How guilty does she feel about what she’s done to Gail?
Kylie feels awful. She told Lewis that she hated him for what he was making her do, but she knew that he meant business and she had to do anything she could to stop him from revealing her dark secret.

So what happens when Gail confronts Kylie?
There are three scenes where Gail is literally ready to pounce. She just wants to ask Kylie why she’s done this after everything she’s done for her. Kylie tries to wriggle out of it and makes a story up on the spot, but it’s really quite hairy at this point! She’s doing anything she can to divert Gail and throw her off the scent.

How does Kylie prevent Gail from going to the police?
She goes straight for Gail’s soft spot. Kylie asks Gail to allow her to explain for David’s sake because she knows that Gail’s priorities lie with her children. It prevents Gail from taking it any further, but when they finally sit down Kylie does have to admit that she slept with someone else. And Gail’s then horrified that the baby might not be David’s – she can’t believe that she’s done this to her son.

So is Kylie worried that Gail is going to expose the truth?
She’s massively worried and she goes into complete meltdown! She thinks that as soon as David comes back from his course that will be it. Kylie’s in a really strange mindset when she goes into the Rovers and it’s almost as if she’s deleted everything that matters to her from her memory. She pretends she’s not pregnant and gets drunk because the consequences don’t matter at that point.

And then Kylie climbs up onto the table in the Rovers…
Yes, which obviously causes a massive scene. Stella is not happy at all! She tries to get Kylie down but she’s just in a menacing mood. When Stella tries to grab her Kylie stumbles and ends up banging her side really severely on a stool and falling to the floor. She’s then rushed to hospital where she’s told that the baby might not survive. She’s devastated and she feels really embarrassed and ashamed.

And what explanation does David end up getting?
David feels guilty for leaving Kylie while she’s in the early stages of her pregnancy and Kylie just goes along with that. So she doesn’t have to worm her way out of it at all. He’s not that harsh with her, which was quite difficult to film. She manages to get out of it because David puts the blame on himself.

And how does Gail end up finding out that Nick might be the father of Kylie’s baby?
Gail’s been creating tension whenever David’s in the room because she doesn’t want to witness Kylie playing happy families. In the end, it’s Nick who eventually breaks and he tells Gail that it was him who got involved with Kylie. She’s really angry but she’s shocked as well. She tells Nick that she doesn’t want to even look at him and that he’s not to call her ‘mum’.

And does this change Gail’s mind about telling David?
At this point it’s more complicated because she’s torn between her two sons. She wouldn’t think twice if it was just Kylie, but it’s always been noted that Nick is her blue-eyed boy. So she feels really torn.

Of course, Kylie is also dealing with the fact that she has to have surgery for a ruptured spleen. How scared is she about that?
She’s had this niggling pain since she woke up in hospital and obviously she’s really worried. She’s really scared because she knows this is all her fault, but it just goes from bad to worse when she then gets really poorly and has to have surgery.

How seriously do you think she considers confessing the whole truth to David?
I don’t think she can actually see herself uttering those words to David as I think that would just be too awful for her. But there are a few more twists and turns to come where it does nearly come out!

Does Kylie think that there is a chance that David could forgive her if he found out?
At first, she did think that maybe they could have found a way through it, but she doesn’t think it’s possible now that Gail knows the truth about Nick. If it was just a random guy she’d slept with then it might have been different. But I think she knows that, on this occasion, David would not forgive her.

What sort of reaction have you been getting from the public about Kylie and Nick’s one-night stand and all the complications that have followed?
The audience seems to be really excited about where the story is going to end up, especially as it wasn’t the typical cliché of Kylie and Nick having a love affair – it was just two people who had one night together and whose situation has gone from bad to worse!I feel really privileged to be a part of it.


Who would you like the father to be?
That’s tough! I think it’s 50-50. I absolutely love working with Jack and I really don’t want that relationship to end, but at the same time Nick brings out a different side to Kylie. People have said to me that she’s a girl when she’s with David and a woman when she’s with Nick. And I think that’s a great way of putting it. There are massive benefits to each of them!