Meet the cast of Being Human series five

BBC3's supernatural drama returns on Sunday with Damien Molony as Hal, Kate Bracken as Alex, Michael Socha as Tom and Phil Davis as new villain Captain Hatch


BBC3’s supernatural drama Being Human returns this Sunday for a fifth series – and kicks off the first full season with the new housemates, Hal, Alex and Tom.


Read on to get to know the new residents of Honolulu Heights, as well as the foe they’ll be facing in series five… 

Damien Molony plays Hal, Honolulu Heights’ resident vampire.

Where do we find Hal at the start of series five?

Hal is pretty much where we left him. He’s tied to a chair, off the blood, but the only real difference is he’s been here for a while, so he’s got a beard, he’s sweaty and craving blood. The house is a complete mess. Alex is tearing things open looking for taste, looking for smells… any kind of sensation really that she now can’t have because she’s a ghost. Tom is just getting all kinds of takeaways and destroying the house in front of Hal’s eyes. So Hal is desperate to get out and clean it up, to bring some order and control to the house but the horrible thing is he doesn’t trust himself because he might go back on the blood.

It must be hard to live with Alex after what happened in series four?

Hal and Alex met in such intimate circumstances. They fancied each other, and ended up on a date, but when Alex was murdered, it was her blood he drank and caused him to fall off the wagon. Since she returned as a ghost and is living at Honolulu Heights, Hal sees Alex every day of every week and he’s reminded of his monstrous side and his evil capabilities. She represents everything Hal is running away from but on the flip side, there is still a connection between them, but I think Hal finds it easier to push her away – it makes it easier for him to cope with the guilt of what he’s done to her.

Being Human is 28-year-old Damien’s first TV credit.


Where do we find Alex at the start of the new series?

She has obviously had a bit of time to come to terms with what’s happened. She got killed in the last series, but she didn’t really get time to think about it all so she ended up just going with the flow, but now time has passed and it’s all sinking in… From episode one you see a vulnerability to Alex, and you see it finally hitting home that she isn’t going to be able to do all the things she used to. At one point, it really hits her that she’s actually dead! So she hasn’t fully adjusted, and we see her trying coming to terms with her death. But Alex is also someone who won’t dwell on things too much. She will pick herself up and dust herself off.

Now the Old Ones are gone, who are the trio fighting against in series five?

His name is Captain Hatch, and he’s a much bigger threat this time round… the Old Ones are old news! I know it might seem impossible, but there’s a bigger ‘baddie’ to deal with and so much more is at stake this time round. The way Hatch threatens people… the way he controls people… it’s just brilliantly horrific! And now, it doesn’t just involve our small part of Wales, it has gone global. And all three of the guys know that if they don’t stop him, then they really will be in trouble!

You might recognise 22-year-old Kate from appearences in Inspector George Gently and New Tricks.


Where do we find Tom at the start of series five?

Tom is still at Honolulu Heights with Alex, and Hal is still strapped to the chair he was in at the end of last series. With Hal still restrained because of his bloodlust, things are definitely not easy for the guys. Tom and Alex don’t want Hal to go back to his old vampire lifestyle, so we’re hoping that forcing him to go cold-turkey will help, but Hal’s still messed up from it all. When you see him, he’s sweaty and being spoon-fed mashed banana – it’s not pretty.

Eventually, Tom has to decide if he can trust Hal enough to let him go which is really hard for him because he doesn’t want to think badly of his best mate. Plus, Tom is trying to help Alex who is having a hard time coming to terms with being a ghost, like the fact that no one can see her and her family don’t really know what happened to her. It’s not easy for Alex because it’s all still new and she still partly blames Hal for her death.

What’s next for Tom?

When Tom and Hal get new jobs at a local hotel, it’s a totally new experience for him: he has to dress up and look after people, plus he has to look like he knows what he’s doing! For Hal this all comes easily, because he’s used that kind of etiquette and the ‘gentleman’s’ way of life and this sparks a small rivalry between the two guys. But there’s a spanner in the works, because the new bad guy, Captain Hatch, is introduced into their place of employment and he likes to cause trouble, especially between Hal and Tom. You could say he gets a real kick out of it.

You might recognise Tom from Casualty, This Is England ’86 or This Is England ’88. The 25-year-old actor has also recently appeared in ITV’s Homefront.

Phil Davis plays Captain Hatch, series five’s new villain… 

Who is Captain Hatch? 

He’s pretty disgusting, nasty, spiteful, old man, at least to start with. Captain Hatch is very sick, he’s in a wheelchair and he suffers from all kind of ailments, but as he manages to set the vampire and the werewolf against each other, he gets more powerful and it restores his health. By the end he’s able to do all the things he couldn’t do to start with.

I had some pretty unpleasant looking make-up. My teeth were blackened and I was made to look very grubby and I had to wear a colostomy bag and stuff like that.

So he sets about creating conflict between Hal and Tom? 

Captain Hatch is staying in the hotel where Tom and Hal come to work and he can’t believe his luck because he thrives on supernatural conflict. So when a vampire and a werewolf come to his hotel, he goes about trying to stir them up and set them against each other.

You’ll recognise 59-year-old Phil Davis from performances in Whitechapel, Silk and Sherlock.

Watch a trailer for the fifth series of Being Human:


Being Human returns on Sunday at 10:00pm on BBC3