Steven Moffat: “I’d rather be the Doctor than Sherlock”

What’s the Doctor got that the detective hasn’t? Long life, happiness and a time machine, says the man who writes both characters - but who would you rather be?


Time Lord or detective? Ok, it’s not quite Sophie’s Choice but asking Doctor Who and Sherlock writer Steven Moffat to decide between the two characters who have defined his career is still a tough one.


“I think I’d want to be the Doctor because he’s gonna live a lot longer – obviously that’s a tremendous advantage,” said Moffat. “Also… I think the Doctor is fundamentally quite happy and I think Sherlock Holmes isn’t as content – somehow he’s striving for something he won’t have. I think, probably, in the dark of night, the Doctor is probably slightly happier…”

Are you sure, Steven? “I’m wondering if that’s true now – I’m wondering if he is actually happier,” continued Moffat, speaking during a video interview with his son Joshua. “I’m talking myself out of that answer already. Ok, I think they’re probably equally demented when they’re on their own but of the two of them only one has got a fully functioning space-time machine so I’m going with that guy.” 


A long life, happiness (or dementedness) and a time machine – the keys to existence? Hard to argue with that…