Coronation Street at Christmas: Paula Lane on why Kylie cheats on David

The Platts' marriage is threatened this festive season by a one-night stand


All that David Platt wants for Christmas is a baby with his wife Kylie. But, as we’ve seen, she wants to prioritise her career at the Bistro and has no plans to extend her family. Now it looks like David’s dreams are set to truly crash and burn after Kylie wakes up on Boxing Day in the arms of another man! Will her one-night stand end her marriage? Can Kylie and David work through their problems? Actress Paula Lane has the details:


Can we put the problems between David and Kylie down to the baby issue?
Definitely – but from that more problems have stemmed. David’s really starting to irritate Kylie as he’s on her back all the time. If it’s not about the baby, it’s that she’s not spending enough time with him and Max. He’s starting to resent her working, which really gets her back up. So it’s a combination of things. 

And are we in for an escalation of hostilities between the pair of them?
It gets worse and worse, starting from when Kylie confides in Nick about her feelings on the baby situation. From there on in there seems to be a lack of trust. They can’t talk to each other about their problems and he starts confiding in Tina. Kylie then gets completely the wrong idea about that and from there it’s fireworks. It just goes from bad to worse.

Does she have any regrets about letting David think that they were trying for a baby when she has been, in fact, taking the pill?
I don’t think so. She needed a way of stalling him and that was the only thing she could do at that time. It’s just not the right time for her to have a baby. Her marriage with David has been going well and she doesn’t want to rock the boat. Also, she’s just got a new job at the Bistro, she’s really happy with the way things are working out for her and she just doesn’t want to take a chance and change things. 

So how does she feel about David walking out on her?
I think she expects him to come back and when he doesn’t, she’s really upset. It should have been happy Christmas together, as it was quite traumatic last year with Becky leaving. She was hoping to spend the time as a family unit and for that not to have happened affects her quite a lot. She’s really upset and worried that he might do something stupid.

We’ve seen David talking through his problems with Tina, so does Kylie believe he’s trying to get back with his ex?
I don’t think it’s a worry that’s there constantly, but I think she’s concerned that if she pushes him too far he could fall into the arms of Tina. If that was what Tina wanted. 

So in retaliation, we get the spectacle of Kylie kissing Tommy!
When Kylie throws herself at Tommy it’s purely out of spite towards David. It’s done in the heat of the moment to show him how it feels. It’s tit for tat, They’re like a pair of big kids. She just grabs him for a big snog and Tommy’s gobsmacked. I think he knows he’s being used but he just rolls with it.

All of which leads to humiliation at Nick’s stag do. What does David get up to?
Most of the blokes from the Street are at the stag do. Kylie’s waiting on when Rob says, “where’s the stripper then, best man?” and David points to her. Kylie’s absolutely devastated. She can’t believe he’s brought it up in her place of work, a place she loves, in front of all the customers and people she knows. It’s so humiliating for her.

Does Kylie want to fight for her marriage?
I think at this point she just wants to get through Christmas for Max’s sake. She does feel bad that Max is witnessing all this rowing over Christmas, but she’s still determined to stick up for herself, which means there will be a rift. 

However, after a talk with Gail about how much the rowing is affecting Max, and with Nick telling her that David didn’t mean what he said on the stag do, she decides to go and find David to make amends. But when she goes looking for him, she sees him having a cuddle with Tina and reads the wrong things into it. David turned to Tina too many times now – Kylie’s not the most secure person in the world and she just goes nuts. 

Can we expect a Tina and Kylie catfight then?
She knows Tina’s pregnant now, so I don’t think she’ll go too far with that for now. But at the time she finds out that David had slept at Tina’s house, she is ready for ripping her head off with a crowbar!

How does David try to explain himself?
There’s a big row in the Platts where he tries to say that Tina’s just a mate, but Kylie’s not having any of it. She just sees red, he’s been treating her like rubbish and to see him in the arms of Tina is just the last straw. So she tells him they’re finished.

And then we have the fact that – shock horror – Kylie gets into bed with another man. Why does this happen?
She falls into bed with another man because the one person who for the past two years has been her rock, who she’s given herself to and built up a great marriage with, has completely let her down. She feels that she’s bettered herself, maybe there’s a bit of new confidence there, and she wonders if it’s David who’s been dragging her down. I think it’s also about wanting to be needed and desired with someone who finds her amusing and interesting.

She isn’t thinking straight at that point. It comes out of the blue and it’s spontaneous and animalistic. It’s all about the passion – they both want this at that time and they’re not thinking about the consequences.

So how does she feel when she wakes up on Boxing Day with this other man?
It’s pure regret, that feeling of “oh no, what have we done?”. But the person in question is very good at talking her round saying “let’s forget it ever happened”. But Kylie fels so guilty. It’s going to be hard for her to move on from this. As soon as she sees David after the one-night stand, she knows that he’s the person she wants to be with and that she’s made a massive mistake. It was just a bit of comfort when she needed it, there was nothing more to it than that.  

Who would you blame for this mess – Kylie or David?
I blame both of them. I do feel that it’s been a massive breakdown in communication – she didn’t tell him from the off exactly why she didn’t want another baby, so he kept pressurising her. I think they’ve both been quite selfish. I’d tell Kylie to weigh things up, have a really good think about what she wants out of life and be sure that David is the one for her.


Is it nice to have Kylie and David at war?
I love playing the ups and downs of their relationship, although I do think that sometimes it’s nice for the audience to see one couple who fight against the odds and who do make it work. I really hope they can sustain what they’ve built up – maybe it can be remedied if Kylie can deal with the guilt. I don’t think Kylie and her other man are compatible at all, whereas Kylie and David have always seemed right for each other.