EastEnders: Is Kat’s lover Max, Jack or Derek?

As tension mounts as to who Mrs Moon's mystery man could be, we ask you to have your say on the affair in our high-level soap mega-ballot

In the coming weeks, we’ll finally learn the identity of Kat’s mystery lover. Recently, the field has narrowed to just three suspects – all of whom share the surname Branning. So who do you think it is? Vote below after considering the following evidence:


Max Branning

Max is a man with form when it comes to affairs. His 2007 entanglement with Stacey Slater was exposed in a very memorable Christmas episode, so will it turn out that he’s been unfaithful again in 2012? We know that a big guilty secret is set to tumble out over the festive period, but will this be an extra grenade that’s set to be lobbed onto the Branning dinner table? If he does turn out to be Kat’s lover, it will smack of plot repetition – but it’s not beyond the realms of possibility for Max to have strayed again.

Jack Branning 

Flings are second nature to a man like Jack – exhibit A, of course, being the dalliance with Roxy Mitchell that resulted in his fathering her child. We’ve also seen him dating Max’s wife Tanya while Max was away from Walford. But in recent months, Jack has appeared committed to Sharon since she returned to town. In fact, he’s become increasingly incensed by Phil’s attempts to lure Sharon into taking part in his fostering scheme. On the one hand then, it would seem implausible for Jack to have returned to his womanizing ways. But can a man with such a keen eye for the opposite sex ever truly be tamed?

Derek Branning 


The intimdatory way in which Kat has been pursued is certainly Derek’s style. He’s a man no stranger to deviousness, so secret love nests and clandestine gifts tend to fit his character profile. But can we really see Derek as a man who could inspire such high passion and risk-taking? Then again, Kat does have a track record with nefarious types – remember Andy the gangster? Derek’s never been as successful as his brothers when it comes to relationships, so the possibility of him being Kat’s mystery man may not feel likely. But with actor Jamie Foreman leaving EastEnders this Christmas, it would sure add to the drama of his exit.