Coronation Street: Charlie Condou on how Marcus ends up in bed with Maria

FInd out why passions are rising between the Corrie flatmates

It’s the Corrie relationship that’s currently keeping us all guessing. Yes, we’re talking about Marcus and Maria, the two flatmates whose solid friendship became something a little less platonic a few weeks ago when they shared an illicit kiss. 


Next week, they’ll get even more passionate with a development that’s sure to get people talking, given that Marcus has previously only ever been in relationships with men. So do Corrie fans want a Maria and Marcus romance? 

“The response I’ve had on Twitter has been great. It seems that the public has been willing Marcus and Maria to get together,” says Charlie Condou, who plays Marcus. “A lot of people seem to prefer Marcus and Maria together rather than Marcus and Sean, which is interesting and very unexpected. There is a lot of interest from the viewers about where this going.” 

That interest will be piqued once more when an envious Maria plots to keep the object of her affection in Weatherfield after Marcus’s boyfriend Aiden receives an offer of promotion that necessitates the pair moving to London. So is Marcus aware that Maria has this jealous streak? 

“He’s kind of oblivious to the whole situation with Maria being jealous. It is kind of strange because you think that someone as intelligent and sensitive as Marcus would have noticed that Maria has feelings for him, but it really does not seem to register.” 

Matters do come a head though when Marcus finds that Aiden didn’t take the post because Maria advised him not to. It’s a discovery that leaves Marcus feeling extremely angry: 

“He gets annoyed because he feels like Maria is interfering and he believes that it was none of Maria’s business. 

“I think this anger is deep seated and is based on the fact that he really does not want to leave Weatherfield. I think Marcus known deep down that his relationship with Aiden is not right for him. He takes all these feelings out on Maria.” 

So how does Maria explain herself when Marcus confronts her? 

“They have a big row about it and, at first, she says she was trying to do the right thing. But she eventually admits that she did it because she’s in love with him. 

“It takes him completely by surprise and is a huge shock to him but I think he realises that he cannot deny his feelings for her as well. They quickly fall into each other’s arms and are involved in a very passionate embrace. 

“One thing leads to another and they’re soon heading to the bedroom. The next day is a big shock for both of them and Marcus doesn’t deal with the situation with the situation in quite the way he’d want to.”

In the cold light of day, the enormity of what Marcus has done hits him. Still reeling, he makes a snap decision to leave with Aiden. But after Maria implores him to stay, Marcus realises that he can’t go through with it and tells Aiden it’s over: 

“Aiden is saying ‘come on, let’s leave’, but Marcus never really moves and I think that is when he realises he’s making a mistake and that he is with the wrong person.” 

But can Marcus and Maria build a life together in the face of people like Jason and Sean who are sure to take umbrage? 

“I don’t know. I’m an old romantic, so I would like to think so,” says Condou. “But, having said that, this is Coronation Street, so I am sure that the path of love never runs smoothly. I think there are troublesome times ahead for all concerned. 


“The whole situation is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets any better. There is a long way to go with this story.”