Soap spoilers! The week ahead in EastEnders, Coronation Street and Emmerdale…

29 October - 2 November: Deirdre doubts Ken's loyalty in Weatherfield while the repercussions from Carl's death are still playing out in Emmerdale

Coronation Street


When Ken signed up to be chair of governors at Bessie Street, little did he realise that within weeks he’d be passing out drunk on Wendy’s sofa with a blanket draped over him and his enviably thick hair mussed up. No funny business has been going on, mind you, but Deirdre has huge doubts. There are big recriminations too for Tommy and Tina as the Womb War gets personal. Will the surrogacy scheme fall through at the last minute?


If Carl were to look down on all the chaos his death has caused, then he’d no doubt be doing one of his trademarked supercilious smirks. Chas is banged up, Jimmy’s blaming himself for everything, while Cameron has the Mark of Cain upon him. In fact, the only person alive to come out smiling is Charity, who’s managed to scheme her way to the top. Something tells me there won’t exactly be an outpouring of grief at Thursday’s funeral.



Considering that most wedding ceremonies in Walford are followed by jiltings (Ian Beale), suicide (Stella Crawford) or murder (Barry Evans), it’s quite commendable that Syed and Christian have given it a clear fortnight since their big day before one of them has ended up battered, bruised and in police custody. But as one relationship stumbles, another seems to be blossoming – only this one is a little, well, icky: yes, cousins Joey and Lauren are making eyes at each other. See, told you.