Coronation Street rumours: Jack and Vera Duckworth to return as ghosts

Bill Tarmey and Liz Dawn could be reprising their roles for a Children in Need sketch

Corrie has quite a history of dealings with spectral events: who can forget the ghost of Ivy Tilsley plaguing Don Brennan in 1996? Or Norris Cole’s belief that Ena Sharples’s daughter Vera Lomax was haunting the Kabin in 2004?


Well now it looks like Jack and Vera Duckworth could be making a ghostly return to Coronation Street, for a Children in Need skit.

The Mirror reports that Bill Tarmey, 71, who played Jack for 31 years before his exit in 2010, will reappear as the Ghost of Christmas Past, with Liz Dawn, 72, who starred as his Street spouse Vera between 1974 and 2008, also expected to return as a spirit.

It wouldn’t be the first time that the late Vera had appeared in otherworldly form, having materialised for Tarmey’s exit in 2010. But her contribution to the sketch is likely to be dependent upon her health, as she currently suffers from emphysema.


At least one supposed “source” seems delighted at the prospect of this latest haunting:  “Getting Bill Tarmey ‘back from the dead’ is a stroke of genius,” they told the paper.