Melissa George: Playing Angel in Home and Away was no day at the beach

The Hunted star says her time on the Australian soap was “painful” – and thinks the British are too “hung up on the past”

She’s about to play a kick-ass security agent in new BBC1 drama Hunted but, like it or not, Melissa George is best known to British audiences as teenager Angel from Home and Away.


And while it’s the role that made her name over here, the actress says her stint on the Aussie soap was far from easy.

“It was a painful time for me,” admitted George. “That was a time in my life when I should have been protected a little bit.”

Apparently keen to escape associations with Home and Away, she also took the British to task for living in the past.

 “Why are you British so hung up on the past?” she asked Metro. “You always want to talk about Home and Away. That’s so long ago. I was practically a child.

“I would never get this kind of nostalgia in the US. Really, what’s to talk about after 20 years?”

However the actress did reveal someting of a sense of humour with a sly reference to a storyline on the soap…

“I think that what I’m asking for is ‘Please take me for what I am now and just let me grow’ – though I have to say the death of Shane is some of my best work…”


Melissa George stars as Sam Hunter in Hunted, starting on Thursday 4 October at 9pm on BBC1