Coronation Street’s Helen Worth on Bill Roache’s 1,000 women

In case you were wondering, the actress who plays Gail isn't one of Ken Barlow's conquests...


Coronation Street star Helen Worth has commented about co-star William Roache’s claims that he has slept with 1,000 women during his years on the show.


“Good luck to him,” she told “I haven’t spoken to him about it yet because he’s in Canada. But don’t worry, it’ll wait till he gets back.”

Worth, who has played Gail McIntyre on the ITV soap since 1974, was also asked whether she herself had been one of Roache’s many conquests: “No!” came the instant reply, amid much laughter from the Street veteran.

Speaking at the Royal Television Society awards, Worth also spoke about recent storylines that have seen a more comic side to Gail’s character, such as the recent power-walk in the countryside with screen mum Audrey (Sue Nicholls).

“Sue and I have been working together since 1979 and to still be there and having so much fun – well, it couldn’t be better. The day we filmed that walk started out all right – we managed the first scene in one take, which was just as well as there was a poor cameraman walking backwards with a huge camera. But then, of course, it turned to rain and we got very damp.”

The actress also mentioned her respect for current Coronation Street producer Phil Collinson: “He’s remarkable. And he’s done some amazing things in the past two years and written some fantastic storylines. And they just keep coming. I don’t know how but thank goodness they do.”


Asked whether there was too much of a focus on crime and murder in the show, Worth added: “People turn on to see it, so it can’t be all wrong, can it? I’m not too worried about Gail ever finding happiness because being happy doesn’t make for good stories.”