Channel 4 commissions MI5 drama by Guy Hibbert

Complicit will examine the morality of using torture to combat terrorism

Channel 4 has commissioned Blood and Oil writer Guy Hibbert to pen a new one-off drama about the moral problems faced by intelligence agencies as part of their work in the global War on Terror.


Complicit will explore the murky compromises that underpin terror investigations, examining the daily life of an MI5 officer wrestling with his conscience.

Central character Edward must cope with betrayal and deception as he wonders if tackling terror with torture is justifiable, or whether we sacrifice our morality by aligning ourselves with the torturers of brutal foreign regimes.

Jay Hunt, chief creative officer at Channel 4, said in a statement: “I’m delighted to be able to greenlight this extraordinarily compelling film. Guy Hibbert’s drama shows us a hidden world we think we know in an entirely original way, and goes straight to the core of one of the greatest dilemmas of our age.”

Casting details have yet to be announced for the new drama.


In addition to Blood and Oil, Guy Hibbert’s screenwriting CV includes Who Gets the Dog, Omagh and The Russian Bride.