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It's that time of the week again... yes, Strictly Come Dancing returned to our screens for Week Seven!

After a scarily excellent Halloween special last week, which also saw the first 40 of the 2021 series, the celebrities in the Strictly Come Dancing line-up were back to impress us once more.

Rose and Giovanni were on a high after completely smashing their spooky routine and getting the earliest 10 from Craig Revel Horwood ever.

With the pressure on the rest of the cast to keep up the pace, who wil be the next couple eliminated?

Without further ado, welcome to our Strictly Come Dancing live blog for Week Seven, featuring all the thrills, spills and drama from the ballroom!

  • That's a wrap!

    Thank you for joining us for our Week Seven live blog – make sure you stay glued to for the latest news and exclusives from the world of entertainment!

  • What a show!

    That's it! The Strictly Come Dancing vote's now open and it's time to pick your favourite.

    For me, undoubtedly AJ and Kai's Charleston, but I also loved John and Johannes.

    I'm slightly worried for Dan Walker and Adam Peaty... but there won't be long to wait to find out who's the next to leave the competition when the results show airs tomorrow night.

  • More smiles for Sara

    Three eights and a nine for Sara! We think she'll be just fine this week.

  • Sara's Quickstep

    Well it's definitely a 10 for Sara's lovely smile!

    The judges rated Sara's improvement and loved Aljaz's choreography. There was a little eruption from Anton about Sara's head (???) but otherwise, largely positive.

    Well done Sara!

  • Top of the leaderboard!

    Oh Craig, you had to, didn't you.

    It was very nearly a perfect score for AJ and Kai. And AJ, in my heart it's a perfect 40.

  • Tears for AJ

    PROTECT AJ NOW. Give her a big hug, ASAP!

  • Traditional AJ

    Another traditional routine from AJ and Kai, this time performing a fun and frolicking Charleston.

    For me, this is the performance of the night - and not just because the Charleston is my favourite routine.

    This was fun, technically brilliant and bang on the money. Truly worthy of a finale show dance.

    If this is under-marked, the nation will be outraged!

  • A 10 from Shirley!

    The Queen of Rumba, Shirley gave John and Johannes a 10! And quite right so.

    Eights were far too harsh for such a brilliant performance – and I'm not the only one who thought that, either.

  • A standing ovation for John

    Wow. Just wow. Tears all over the Ballroom floor from John and Johannes after a seriously emotional and powerful Rumba.

    Is this the best Rumba we've ever seen on Strictly? I think so.

    10s from me, all day (though I'm suspecting nines).

  • "Johnannes"

    Seriously, why hasn't "Johnannes" taken off as a nickname?

    Back to the action... I can't wait to see these two every week. It's like a professional interlude to the main show. If they're not in the final I'd be mortified.

    A Rumba this week – I'm interested to see how John does, this is notoriously hard for the male celebs...

  • Ouch!

    "Vanilla and saccharine", says Craig. Ouch. Come on Craig, it wasn't that bad. Sure, Dan's not going to top the leaderboard with this one, but he seemed to have a lot of fun! Really that's all that matters, isn't it?

  • Dan's Couple's Choice

    Erm, did Dan Walker just do the Tik Tok routine for Classic by MTKO?

    Adding that to my list of "Things I Didn't Expect to See This Evening".

    Pretty nice effort though, and a terrific blue suit. Good one, Dan!

  • Tilly's scores

    A seven and three eights? Bit harsh for my money. Is it just me that thinks the scores are a little harsh this week?

    On to Dan and Nadiya who's taking a trip down memory lane in Old Trafford.

  • Tango for Tilly

    Another fierce routine upcoming for Tilly and Nikita with some serious Queen's Gambit vibes. She's growing in talent and confidence every week and it's really excellent.

    I love this Tango. Strong theme and brilliant storytelling. Not perfect, no, but more brilliant choreography from Nikita. He's proving himself as a pro to be reckoned with.

  • Florals in Autumn? Groundbreaking

    First of all, I'll have Nancy's gorgeous floral dress now please.

    Secondly, how charming! The Quickstep was made for Rhys and Nancy – and you can really see how hard he's training, and that's what Strictly is all about. I hope people really get behind Rhys, he's a brilliant contestant.

    I didn't expect to get philosophical at 7:21pm but here we are.

  • 10s for Tom

    Two 10s for Tom, with Anton completely ruining the good vibes and giving a nine. Still, a great score for a great dance. I have a feeling we'll be seeing that again when he's in the final.

    Rhys and Nancy now, and they're doing a Quickstep - perfect for this complete ball of energy, no?

  • Traditional Tom

    A very traditional Paso for Tom and Amy. I have to say... it's surprisingly good! I wasn't convinced friendly Tom could stay serious for this dramatic routine, but he did! And he finished with a flourish, too.

    One of the best Pasos Strictly has ever seen, hands down.

    Surely the 10s are coming out now?

  • Rose's scores are in...

    Four eights! Great score for Rose who got her highest Latin score.

    If you ask me, that's our 2021 winner, right there.

    On to Tom and Amy...

  • Super Samba!

    Well, Rose is pretty unstoppable now, isn't she? A super Samba for a fantastic dancer.

    Anton wasn't majorly sold on it, but the other judges seem to have loved it... does Craig have competition?

  • On to the top scorers!

    Rose and Giovanni are up next with a Samba. Tricky dance for the celebs and very different from the Tango last week.

    The nation's rooting for you, Rose!

  • Adam's scores are in...

    Yep, sixes and sevens for Adam. Feeling pretty smug with myself to be honest.

  • The judges review Adam

    Shirley thought Adam had energy, but did make a mistake. Anton called it "hesitant", Craig thought it wad full of personality, but needed more technique. Motsi praised Adam for his posture.

    Not bad feedback, I'm thinking sixes and sevens.

  • First up...

    Are Adam and Katya! They're doing a Jive and this should have really been the perfect dance for our Olympian.

    However, to me it was a slightly bit... untidy. Packed with energy, lots of bounce, sure, but perhaps lacking a bit of confidence? You can't blame him, having come back once again from the bottom two...

    Come on, Adam, we're behind you!

  • The judges

    The judges have made their entrance, and sequins are clearly the order of the day.

    This, I can get on board with.

  • Half way point alert

    No but seriously, where has time gone? There are so many excellent dancers, I genuinely can't tell who's going to be in the finale, let alone win.

    Who do you think will win? Tweet us, @RadioTimes.

  • Welcome!

    Welcome to our Strictly Come Dancing live blog for Week Seven! How fast time flies when you're having fun, eh?

    Last week saw our first 40 of the series, and if you ask me, it was so deserved - Rose and Giovanni completely smashed it. Definitely the ones to beat this week...

    As we gear up for the show, here are the songs and dances we have to look forward to:

    • John Whaite and Johannes Radebe – Rumba to Shape Of My Heart by Sting
    • AJ Odudu and Kai Widdrington – Charleston to Don’t Bring Lulu by Dorothy Provine, Pinky, The Girls
    • Rhys Stephenson and Nancy Xu – Quickstep to What A Man Gotta Do by The Jonas Brothers
    • Sara Davies and Aljaz Skorjanec – Quickstep to 9 To 5 by Dolly Parton
    • Dan Walker and Nadiya Bychkova – Couple’s Choice to Classic by MKTO
    • Tilly Ramsay and Nikita Kuzmin – Tango to Kings & Queens by Ava Max
    • Rose Ayling-Ellis and Giovanni Pernice – Samba to Cinema Italiano by Kate Hudson
    • Adam Peaty and Katya Jones – Jive to Little Bitty Pretty One by Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers
    • Tom Fletcher and Amy Dowden – Paso Doble to Amparito Roca by Jaime Texidor