Todd Robinson (2013)

15 Certificate
Thu 26 Dec 1am - 3am Sony Movies Action


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In this lacklustre imitation of the classic submarine thriller, Ed Harris stars as a disgraced Russian captain who must outwit a government agent (David Duchovny) intent on starting a third world war. While the set and cast look the part, this standard aquatic thriller floats along at an agonising pace. Dragged down by a stilted script, what should be an exercise in claustrophobic tension instead becomes tedious. Instead of action and suspense much of the plot relies on dreary conversations held between Harris and Duchovny, heavy on sarcasm but low on threat. On the odd occasion when something unexpected comes along, it's far too silly to be credible. Harris soldiers on earnestly, aided by second-in-command William Fichtner, but they're up against a brick wall in Duchovny, who mistakes smirking for mystery. As it concludes in a very unsatisfactory manner, Phantom's committed star deserves a lot better than a script that seems happy to trundle along without incident.


A Soviet submarine captain haunted by his past is suspicious when a KGB operative is assigned to his vessel before it sets off on a classified mission. He discovers the agent intends to use the sub's nuclear weapons to ignite conflict between America and China, leaving him with the task of preventing a Third World War. Cold War thriller, starring Ed Harris and David Duchovny.

Cast & Crew

Captain Dmitri "Demi" Zubov Ed Harris
Bruni David Duchovny
Alex Kozlov William Fichtner
Vladimir Markov Lance Henriksen
Pavlov Johnathon Schaech
Dr Semak Jason Beghe
Tyrtov Sean Patrick Flanery
Sophi Dagmara Dominczyk
Sasha Jason Gray-Stanford
Bavenod Julian Adams
Director Todd Robinson
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: ViolenceAvailable on: DVD