Justin Dec (2019)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Fond memories of The Ring and Final Destination franchises loom large over writer/director Justin Dec's bland jump-scare fest. People use the Countdown app to find out the precise time of their death for fun. But it's no joke, as rookie nurse Quinn Harris (appealing Elizabeth Lail) learns after unexplained fatalities convince her she really only has three days left to live; the lone chance of beating her own death clock is to break the supernatural digital curse driving the demonic download. An intriguing Urban Legend premise flatlines swiftly into an unimaginative fright flick overloaded with dodgy boogeymen, insipid Grim Reaper visuals, misplaced comic relief (a kooky priest with a communion wafer addiction), a tiresome #MeToo subplot and a satanic ritual straight out of Hammer Horror. Nothing really makes sense, even by the movie's own crazed rules with the uninspired ending adding further resignation.

Cast & Crew

Quinn Harris Elizabeth Lail
Father John P J Byrne
Derek Tom Segura
Matt Monroe Jordan Calloway
Jordan Talitha Bateman
Dr Sullivan Peter Facinelli
Director Justin Dec
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: STX InternationalGuidance: ViolenceReleased on: 25 Oct 2019