The Traitor

The Traitor

Michael McCarthy (1957)

A Certificate


Our Score
Nuance was not Donald Wolfit's strong suit, but he had presence and power in spades. He totally dominates this story with a bluster and conviction that keeps an uninspiring tale of the hunt for a Second World War traitor from falling flat on its face. As he showed in Operation Amsterdam, writer/director Michael McCarthy had a splendid sense of place, but no talent whatsoever for generating and sustaining suspense. It was a smart move casting Wolfit, Christopher Lee and Anton Diffring as a trio of shifty-looking suspects, but it all too quickly becomes clear in which direction the finger is pointing.


At an annual reunion of Second World War Resistance fighters, the group learn that one of them was a double agent who betrayed their leader to the Gestapo. Drama, starring Donald Wolfit, Robert Bray and Jane Griffiths.

Cast & Crew

Colonel Price Donald Wolfit
Major Shane Robert Bray
Vicki Toller Jane Griffiths
Professor Toller Carl Jaffe
Joseph Brezzini Anton Diffring
Thomas Rilke Oscar Quitak
Clinton Rupert Davies
Lt Grant John Van Eyssen
Doctor Neumann Christopher Lee
Director Michael McCarthy
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: New Realm EntertainmentsAvailable on: DVD