Fleur and Vito blew the roof off the Strictly Come Dancing final by performing their Couple's Choice to a Destiny's Child Megamix once again, with Shirley so impressed she tried to give the couple a 12.


For their favourite dance of the season, Fleur East and her partner Vito decided to recreate the magic of their Blackpool performance, which at the time gained the first perfect score of the season.

It certainly seems they achieved it, as the judges heaped praise on the couple. Motsi said Fleur was "fantastic", while Shirley said it was "absolutely pure magic" watching the couple together, saying the performance "will go down in history".

Meanwhile Anton said he wished he had "a 12 paddle", leading to Shirley's cheeky follow-up when the judges were presenting their scores.

As she held up a one and a two paddle together to create a 12, Shirley said: "I agree with Anton, 12!"

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The couple gained a perfect score for the dance, following which Fleur said she felt like she had "already won" and that she felt "on top of the world".

Fleur and Vito's performance meant they came top of the leaderboard for tonight's final, with 119 points to Helen and Gorka's 116, Molly and Carlos' 115 and Hamza and Jowita's 113.

However, the judges scores won't affect the final outcome this week, as the winner and the overall Strictly champion for 2022 will be decided purely by the public vote.

Earlier on in tonight's final viewers took to Twitter to complain about Craig's score for Hamza's salsa, with some fans believing he should have got a 10 for the highly praised performance.

Meanwhile Helen suffered an awkward costume gaffe, noticing that she had slightly orange hands and saying: "I've just realised my fake tan on my hand! How bad is that?"

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