Season 2 of The Traitors continues this week, with viewers finally getting to find out whether Diane drank from the chalice and was "murdered" by rosé, or if Our Di lived to see another day.


As well this, we'll get to see our very own 'Jazatha Christie', Jaz, at work, following his accusations towards Paul.

Jaz suspects that Paul could be be a Traitor, and it looks like he could also have eyes on Harry after Paul revealed something that Jaz had told 22-year-old Harry in confidence.

Jaz has become very popular amongst fans due to his diligent detective skills and has even been dubbed the "silent assassin" of The Traitors season 2 by banished contestant Anthony.

Jaz initially joined the show with the intention of becoming a Traitor.

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"I’m ready to be one, it’s just perfect. I feel like I’ll be able to play it well. I’m hyping myself up now, I need to calm myself down!" he said.

However, he wasn't chosen to be a Faithful alongside former Traitor Ash and current Traitors Paul, Harry and Miles.

As he continues his Traitors journey, read on for everything you need to know about Jaz – one of the contestants in The Traitors season 2 line-up.

Who is Jaz?

Age: 30

Job: National account manager

Location: Manchester

Status: Faithful

Instagram: @jazsingh10

Jaz is a national account manager from Manchester.

He joined the show with plans to go "all the way".

"The thing is everyone wants the money, for all sorts of different reasons, so that’s just going to cloud my vision if I start to get emotionally involved in everyone’s story and then I’m going to be torn between all the other players. But for me, I want to go all the way. The last man standing," he said.

Why did Jaz apply to be on The Traitors?

Jaz says he was convinced by his family to go on the show.

Speaking ahead of the launch show, he said: "A bloody great question to hit me with! I think it was my in-laws to be honest, they were halfway through an episode of series one and said to me and the missus, 'Have you watched this? Sit down with us and watch this right now.' We watched it, looked at each other and said, 'This is just amazing.'

"I liked everything about it. Obviously, we then watched the whole series and it totally resonated with everything I’ve been through. After watching, I never thought there was going to be A) a second series, B) that I was going to apply, and C) I was going to be selected. It’s like the stars have aligned themselves. I’m a bit cheesy and I think everything happens for a reason but, genuinely, everything just feels right."

The Traitors airs on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 9pm. Season 1 is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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