Fans of Love Island are still reeling after the shocking Casa Amor recoupling which saw all but two couples rocked by shocking revelations.


The Love Island 2022 line-up has certainly changed a bit after not one, not two, but six Casa Amor contestants stayed in the main villa.

It's safe to say there was a tense atmosphere around the villa after the recoupling, with Paige Thorne, Tasha Ghouri and Indiyah Polack all demanding answers from their partners who all had their heads turned during the "test".

If you missed the action last night and fancy a recap, read on for our full low-down on all the drama from paradise.

What happened in Love Island episode 33 last night?

The aftermath of the Casa Amor recoupling continued, but it was Paige and Jacques at the centre of the drama for the first half of the episode.

Although Jacques seemingly stayed loyal to Paige and chose to stick with her after Casa Amor, viewers know it was a very different story, and he was actually chatting to two different girls, eventually settling to get to know Cheyenne.

When the Casa bombshell revealed the truth to Paige, it's safe to say things were frosty between the pair.

Jacques tried at various points in the night to make amends with Paige, but she was having none of it, insisting she deserved better, and he should have been better.

Surprisingly, Dami (who was quite encouraging of Jacques' behaviour in Casa) acted as a mediator between the pair and tried to bring them back together.

Andrew and Coco on Love Island 2022.
Andrew and Coco on Love Island (ITV) ITV

The day after, and after some soul-searching, Jacques insisted it was Paige he wanted to be with, and he finally apologised for what went down. With Paige pretty hurt by what happened, is it over between the pair?

Meanwhile, Andrew, Tasha and Coco found themselves at the heart of drama for the rest of the episode, with each tip-toeing around the quite awkward situation between them.

To recap, Andrew heard from some of the Casa girls that Tasha was "mugging him off" behind his back. In "anger", he made a connection with Coco in Casa and the pair were really getting on. Really. He chose her at the recoupling.

Tasha in the meantime talked with Billy in Casa and the pair noted there was some spark between them, even sharing a small kiss. Tasha brought Billy back in the recoupling which only added more fuel to the fire she didn't even know was going on.

With a lot of confusion in the air, Tasha and Andrew sat down for a chat to find out what had happened between them. Both admitted they were hurt in different ways by what went on over the past week, but despite this, still clearly had feelings for each other. Andrew insisted he was as respectful as Tasha during the break.

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Coco in the background was also feeling hurt - she thought there was a real connection between her and Andrew, and was upset to hear that he wanted to slow down and continue as friends. She made the stunning revelation to her Casa girlfriends about the explicit antics that went down while Tasha was away. Remember this for later.

Coco and Tasha on Love Island (ITV)
Coco and Tasha on Love Island (ITV)

In the evening, Tasha and Coco finally had a much-needed chat to find out from a girl's perspective what went down. The former was quite shocked to hear that Coco and Andrew were "handsy" and very affectionate - while no details were revealed, it was enough for Tasha to pull Andrew for a chat and find out what really happened.

Andrew "remembered" a couple more kisses that he didn't admit to before, but failed to recall the explicit action that took place in bed one night. Keep this in mind.

Coco was positively seething by the whole thing and told her fellow Casa contestants about what exactly happened - they insisted she needed to make it known to Tasha. Coco instead told Andrew it was about to be revealed, so he went over to tell Tasha, in what's probably one of the most excruciating conversations in Love Island history.

A very emotional Tasha admitted she was "done" and branded Andrew a "liar" (to which Davide hilariously declared as "his line" - give this guy a BAFTA).

It seems like Andrew has lost both Tasha and Coco - what will happen as a public vote looms?

Elsewhere, Jay called time on his chats with Chyna, admitting he didn't feel like himself with her. Something tells us that he noted Paige was on the verge of dumping Jacques for good...

Oh, and Luca almost told Gemma he loved her - so not all doom and gloom.

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